The United States regulators last year: one disaster after another bitcoin whether rising control

Source: financial website

The financial sector stocks – bitcoin Thursday continued to drop, fell below $4100, the highest since 2017 years and 10 month low. There are reports that U.S. regulators are investigating bitcoin last year at a record rate rise is the result of market manipulation.

Bloomberg News quoted informed sources as saying that the U.S. Justice Department is investigating whether traders with TEDA currency (tether) to support bitcoin. TEDA coins is a controversial encryption currency, its founder, and claims $1:1 linked to stabilize the value of currency.

Bloomberg News reported that federal prosecutors earlier this year on the encryption currency launched a criminal investigation. But they suspected illegal price encryption currency exchange on Bitfinex traders may have been using the money to coordinate the bitcoin TEDA trend now.

Last December, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) also called TEDA currency issuer Taida company and Bitfinex, part of the reason is to prove that these tokens are dollar reserves to support. The potential market tactics included “and cheat” (spoofing), before they reach a certain level in the price under the false orders, then pull out the orders.

In recent weeks, the United States and others on certain aspects of the crypto currency was hit. On Friday, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced the first civil penalties for encryption currency founder, which is part of the industry wide abuse of the regulatory and legal blow.

TEDA currency although known with the 1:1 hook, but its price is far lower than this level. data show that as of Tuesday, TEDA currency price of about 98 cents. At the same time, bitcoin Thursday fell below $4100, since the all-time high of nearly 2 million dollars has fallen more than 75%.

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