The upcoming BitFury lighting vehicle, is a gimmick? Or to embrace the trend?

The upcoming BitFury lighting vehicle, is a gimmick? Or to embrace the trend?

Last week, BitFury reveals a bulb bitcoin mining machine prototype, absorbing enough eyeballs. Now the company has announced plans to 2015 The mining equipment on the market. This is a gimmick? Or to embrace the trend?

Although the market strategy is still in its early stages, a bitcoin industry company will try to find the case, bitcoin mining and daily equipment connected to report more and more.

BitFury said that they intend to invite the bitcoin community to become a part of the plan, the company will seek the views of how these mining bulbs sold to a wider audience.

BitFury CEO Valery Vavilov ( Valery Vavilov ) said in a statement, the objectives of the project, is to arouse bitcoin interest in this technology, whether the money is actually secondary.

Vavilov said:

“We believe that the focus of the project should not make money from bitcoin mining, its main purpose is, through innovative solutions to achieve the purpose of education and the cultivation of fun.”

Last week, when the debut block chain summit held for the first time in Richard Branson’s private island on the device on, caused a lot of discussion.

Not long ago, the industry of another bitcoin mining company 21 Inc, announced that they are developing an embedded chip.


The story reveals


According to BitFury revealed that the development of this mining equipment bulb has spent about 1 years time, the earliest concept is a member of the board of directors of the company by Bill Tai (Bill Tai) is proposed.

Vavilov said, the first available mining lamp prototype was completed in early 2015, and released at the conference version is to improve the earlier version of the attempt.

“We are now developing a third generation prototype, we should see it as a product of education, which will help to reduce the mass of the technical difficulty of understanding, whether children or adults, people of all ages in contact with bitcoin block chain ecosystem, will be a very easy things,” Vavilov said.

BitFury also said that as a pilot, at present they completed a total of 24 mining lamps, and technical specifications will be released later this year.


Evolutionary strategy


In the experimental spirit, BitFury said they are considering the open source hardware, and will create a software development kit (SDK), to stimulate the social applications of this technology “”.

BitFury suggested that the mining lamp target population will be the exploration of new technology enthusiasts. In addition, in order to support the ecological system, BitFury also said the mining lamp also supporting a special purse.

It is worth noting that such social applications are also obtained and discussed the 21 companies, according to the company leaked documents show that they had considered releasing things bitcoin mining their equipment.

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