The US Department of the Navy announced plans for the first time to embrace the chain of emerging technology

nnnThe United States Navy Major Jon McCarter is a member of the US Navy’s Innovation Advisory Committee in 2017. He recently published an article in the US Department of the Navy’s official website, saying that the chain chain ensures that the shared data security features can help the Navy develop 3D printing processes for the future Advanced manufacturing, and said that a series of related tests will be launched and a report will be released in September. This is the first time the US Navy announced the chain of chain-related plans.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nIf someone tells you that the technology that supports digital currency bitmaps may change the way we do business in the next decade, you may not agree. But what i want to say is that this is just the beginning, it is also possible to completely change the Navy’s stack manufacturing (ie 3D printing process), finance and logistics, and now just touch the surface.n

nIn simple terms, the block chain is a “distributed database” shared by peer-to-peer connections, and each block is the only record added to the end of the chain. These records are permanent and can not be modified. This connection establishes trust for all members of the chain and eliminates the need to rely on third-party intermediaries to process transactions or any other information transfer. This “constant trust” allows the removal of non-valued members (formerly intermediaries or brokers) and allows two or more parties to trade with each other in full confidence. Imagine that you can trade with strangers on a mutual trust basis so that you understand the value of the block chain.n
nTalking about the technical field of testing, Navy stack manufacturing is undoubtedly a very appropriate choice. Protecting and securely sharing data throughout the manufacturing process (from design, development of prototypes, testing, production and final disposal) is critical to stack manufacturing and will lay the foundation for future advanced manufacturing plans.n
nThese efforts are driving the production of key devices and equipment closer to deployment. While this change greatly contributes to our material preparation, it can lead to potential vulnerabilities, so there is a need for a secure, traceable, immutable and controllable encrypted data stream.n
nIn simple terms, in terms of stack manufacturing, the data is the focus, that is, the digital main line (Digital Thread).n
nnDigital main line: from the initial design concept to the completion of a single product seamless data chain, including a single manufacturing parts design, modeling, production, use and monitoring of all information.n
nnThis summer, the Navy Innovation Advisory Committee (NIAC) will use block-chain technology to conduct a series of experiments (including proof of concept) to securely share data between stacked manufacturing sites and help ensure the design and production of digital lines. A report will be released in September to demonstrate the practical application of the technology in a controlled environment and to demonstrate its ability to significantly alter the other aspects of the Navy’s operations.n

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