The US government held a seminar to encourage the participation of the block chain

nnnThe US government will hold a seminar on September 8 to discuss how to make the government more open and accountable. In order to achieve this goal, the Government has published a blog, invited block chain professionals to participate in seminars, hoping to through their more profound understanding of technology, better to carry out innovative programs. This shows that the block chain more and more attention by the government, which is conducive to the realization of its practical application.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nThe whole premise of Bitcoin and Block Chain technology is its centralization of the function – with security and transparency as the main purpose of decentralized books.n
nIronically, the central government of the United States is seeking technical innovation contributors for its symposium to be held on September 8th.n
nThe invitation was sent through the DigitalGov blog, which aims to share government updates on IT systems.n
nThe article encourages those who have the concept of block chain technology to share their views with the government to help the government become more open and accountable.n
nThose wishing to participate in the workshop need to draft proposals that will help to achieve this goal.n
nThe article wrote:n
nn”Participants in this workshop include US companies, federal managers, civil society and researchers to develop plans, especially the use of artificial intelligence, block chains and / or open data to improve the transparency of the federal government, accountability System, participation and / or technological innovation, and our goal must also include open and ambitious new government programs, all of which must be never touched by the US government, or include some unprecedented factors.n
nnThe seminar is part of the broader US Open Government Partnership Program (OGP), which aims to improve the transparency of government departments.n
nThis partnership is seeking to use private sector talent to achieve its goals.n
nRegardless of whether this is ironic, the power of the block chain technology is undoubtedly in the world and even some unexpected places have been welcomed.n

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