The US government is looking for a block chain solution for the tendering system

nnnFAStlane is a contract launched last year to simplify the process of small businesses, especially IT companies participating in government contract bidding. The US Federal Government General Services Administration is looking for a contractor to help FAStlane assess how FAStlane integrates block chains. The goal is to use DLT, automated machine language learning techniques and artificial intelligence to improve the FAStlane process. The requirements for the system are not restricted to the block chain type and can support smart contracts.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe main logistics agency of the US government sees the chain as a way to redefine the contract review process.n
nJune 19, the US Federal Government Administration General Administration Administration (GSA, General Services Administration) inquiry, looking for help to assess FAStlane how to integrate the chain chain contractor, FAStlane is launched last year, the system, in order to simplify small businesses, especially IT companies Participate in the process of bidding for government contracts. The inquiry is for selection of suppliers, especially the screening contract performance cost estimates.n
nThe agency website said:n
nn”The inquiry is intended to allow contractors to support the development of the concept of FAStlane’s new initiative review process based on DLT (distributed book technology), automated machine language learning technology, and artificial intelligence.”n
nnSupplementary documents show that GSA wants any “unrestricted block chain type and does not profit from mining”, as well as block-chain-related projects that support smart contracts.n
nAnd the system must include “with a number of cloud platform redundancy settings, high availability, key management of the licensed books.”n
nShortly before the inquiry, GSA officials announced how the agency could explore how block-chain technology could improve support to federal agencies.n
nThe statement states at least one way that the institution uses a chain chain, that is, the supplier can get a federal contract through the process. Although this is not necessarily a result of the concept of proof of the project, but the inquiry highlights the public sector early use cases.n
nGSA said the inquiry will continue until July 10.n

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