The US government organized the “Federal Block Chain Forum” campaign in July

nnnThe US Department of General Affairs (GSA) and the US Department of State are expected to organize an event called the Federal Block Chain Forum in July to explore ways to enable organizations to collaborate and provide shared services in block chain applications. GSA and the US Department of State had previously conducted a chain-related cooperation, this activity shows the technology in the public sector applications more promising.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nThe US government will hold an inter-agency block chain activity in July.n
nThe US Federal Blockchain Forum is expected to begin on July 18th and will be organized by the US General Service (GSA) and the US State Department.n
nAccording to DigitalGov University (Federal staff training group) announcement, its goal is to carry out a six-month plan,n
nnExplore “how organizations collaborate to achieve their goals and support shared services for block-chain technology.”n
nnBoth the GSA and the US Department of State have opened up their work on the block chain, which recently used the block chain to the bidding system, which revealed the establishment of an internal working group on the chain of blocks in early June.n
nThis activity shows the application prospects of the block chain technology in the public sector, as the event organizers want to be able to facilitate the participation of officials in activities to effectively develop plans for the use of block chains for specific purposes. Announcement wrote:n
nn”Organizations must submit their potential use cases of block chain technology to participate in this event.”n

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