The US government set up a $ 750,000 block chain start-up business award

nnThe US Department of Homeland Security’s Small Business Innovation Program plans to allocate $ 749,241 to DigitalBazaar, a Virginia block-based start-up company, to support the development of several use cases “dedicated block chains”. This is the third time that DigitalBazaar has received SBIR funding.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
US Department of Homeland Security (DHS, Department of Homeland Security) to a block chain start-up enterprises allocated nearly one million US dollars.n
DHS announced on Sept. 25 that DigitalBazaar in Virginia received $ 749,241 from the Small Business Innovation Program (SBIR). The department said the funding was designed to support the development of several use cases “dedicated block chains”.n
The division said the company will develop “flexible software ecosystems”, including “digital certificates and digital wallet to solve multiple identity management and network access cases.”n
The software was developed for the DHS “Homeland Security Enterprise” project.n
The news is DigitalBazaar’s third access to SBIR funding. The start-up company was one of the funding targets for the summer of 2016, after which an additional award was received in May. DigitalBazaar has now received more than $ 1 million through the project.n
Government officials describe the work of DigitalBazaar to research and develop as the core, is to explore the application of DHS technology.n
DHS network security department (Cyber ​​Security Division) in charge of Doughlas Maughan said:n
n”Block-chain technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we manage online identity and access the Internet, and the R u0026 D project will help us narrow the potential and the reality.”n

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