The US Patent and Trademark Office revealed Nasdaq’s patent program based on the Chain Chain Data System

nnnIn the United States Patent and Trademark Office revealed that the Nasdaq exchange submitted a time-sensitive information protection and communication system, the use of block-chain distributed book technology to protect the entire data flow, maintaining data transparency and authenticity. In addition, the use of encryption technology, to each participant a public identification code and the corresponding private key. Its Nasdaq uses block chains and encrypted currency to protect their rights to the latest projects.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nExchange operator Nasdaq plans to apply for a system patent that safely distributes time-sensitive information through block chains.n
nThe USPTO, Patent and Trademark Office published the first patent application filed in early January of this year on August 3, “Systems and Methods for Protecting and Disseminating Time Sensitive Information with Block Chains” (Systems and Methods for Securing and Disseminating Time Sensitive Information Using a Blockchain).n
nIn general, the file details how the system communicates with the distributed system, carries on the information transmission and adds the timestamp, similar to the bitcover transaction on the block chain.n
nThis patent application shows that the system will enable users to submit a time-sensitive document to an organization, submitted by the agency to the third party for approval.n
nDistributed books will be recorded with the updated each time, in order to ensure transparency and prevent any form of data modification. The system also uses encryption technology to give each participant a common identifier and the corresponding private key.n
nThe system therefore represents Nasdaq’s latest project to protect its interests with block chains and encrypted currency. Last October, the USPTO issued a Nasdaq patent application, plans to create a chain chain “backup” for the exchange, you can create an auxiliary record in the event of an emergency.n

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