The use of celebrity endorsement bitcoin effect is what?

The use of celebrity endorsement bitcoin effect is what?

Many people believe that electronic currency will have a broader space for development. Bitcoin can greatly improve the transfer speed, it will change the world. But now some newly established bitcoin company is seeking to attract customers attention strategies, such as we know extremely Pepsi and DKNY perfume company. Some companies use celebrity to promote their bitcoin products.

名人代言是否真的有效果还有待商榷。 But the University of Delhi, two researchers found celebrity indeed promoted the purchasing power. Bitcoin got publicity. From Bloomberg data show that this year electronic goods at a price of $230, 50% lower than last year. Bitcoin companies hope that these celebrities can bring new development for bitcoin.


A former boxer is a bitcoin ATM endorsement. According to the information provided by the company, the MikeTyson machine so that people can use mobile devices to buy bitcoin. The company will be installed in Las Vegas first machine in September 24th. Bitcoin company wrote “in an ad in MikeTyson in the ring on the fastest winning record is 30 seconds, and the MikeTyson machine to complete the transaction records of less than 20 seconds”.


Last year a rap artist invited fans to participate in an online game called Jonas rap game. A bitcoin company Coinbase identified Nas as their investors this, and promised to give 100 winners bitcoin as their rap achievement award.

Richard Branson

In May, RichardBranson founder of the Virgin Group held during the four days of the BlockChain summit in the United Kingdom Virgin his own private island.

Ashton Kutcher

AshtonKutcher is a long-term investor start-ups is also an actress, one of Bitpay’s investors. He reply to other people in the Quora suggested that people should invest in bitcoin. Kurcher at the techcrunch conference once again to recommend bitcoin.

Richard Sherman

Last year, the Seattle Seahawks RichardSherman announced on the first page of Facebook his attention can use bitcoin in the company’s online store to buy goods. Bitpay’s online store can also deal with bitcoin business, also announced the news on twitter. Who is an athlete, he had become the “future currency bitcoin”.

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