The virtual currency bitcoin rose 10% to return to the green line of $4200

11 29 August 6, bitcoin prices rose to $4200, the virtual currency market all the best green, half a month to rally. Specifically, as of press time bitcoin rose in 24 hours 10.81%, to $4213, after November 25th fell below $3700, to $4000, but in weeks, bitcoin this week fell 7%, and $4200 from the earlier this month the price of $6300 is still a long distance.

Second virtual currency XRP rose in 24 hours 8.04%, to close at $0.387, but in weeks, XRP still fell more than 12%.

As for (the original second virtual currency) third virtual currency ETH (Ethernet Square) rose 10.74%, to close at $120, compared to at the beginning of the month, the price is almost cut.

The 20 virtual currency mostly appears around 10%-20% increase, the total market value of virtual currency is about 1378 million, compared to $1237 billion 11 27 April, rose 141 million.

Recently, bitcoin virtual currency market and continuously suffered setbacks, bitcoin fell 11% in November 14th, the price fell to $5500, in November 20th, bitcoin 24 hours decline was more than 17%, the price fell below $4300, the price fell below its cost price, small and medium-sized miners on the verge of collapse. In November 25th, bitcoin fell again by 14%, fell below $3700.

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