The Wall Street giant predicted that bitcoin prices break 150 thousand dollars, is how to calculate?

Since the encrypted digital currency market, about the future of bitcoin prices also has been of concern to investors, there are two points, hope can leave high low entry price can be lower, you will again low approach, and high approach, hope started their own assets do not shrink, there is a stop. Simple, low lower, higher and higher. However, with the bitcoin market diving again, wandering from $3300 to $3200, to $3156.26, the market seems to continue to short, the money is still a way to support encryption, the bear market is still not the end of the winter fog.

According to a research report of University of Cambridge business school, from 2017 to 2018, the number of users of encryption currency increased by more than 60%, the total number of users of encryption currency service providers registered from 85 million in 2017 to more than 139 million in the first three quarters of this year, almost doubled in recent years. Among them, the encryption to legal currency trading, the dollar accounted for more than 50% of the total, followed by 21% yen. Won accounted for 16%, ranked third. Thus, the dollar is still trading in the circulation of currency payment, although the bear market, but digital currency users bujianfanzeng. Some financial analysts and industry insiders are still on the encryption currency futures have a strong confidence. Which is not only rapid increases in the number of users and the amount of Money Wallet encryption, including mainstream institutions recognized in enhancing.

The enhancement mechanism from two aspects, one is the consensus of regulatory efforts to enhance the second well-known investment banks focus on efforts to enhance. Recently, according to foreign media The Block quoted informed sources reported that the most stable currency project famous one of Basis met the regulation resistance, decided to stop operations, are returned to investors before the investment funds of $133 million. In September 10th this year, the New York Financial Services Authority (NYDFS) is the first approved by the GUSD and PAX of the stable currency issue, this is a stable currency was first incorporated into the regulatory framework. In December 6th last year, because there is always over, spamming, circulation and value problems such as opaque endorsement, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to the largest trading volume was in stable currency USDT team behind the encryption currency exchange and the release of the USDT Bitfinex Tether Ltd. company issued a summons.

Although the market is still in a bear market, bitcoin ETF once again postponed, but the NASDAQ and the Intercontinental Exchange launched bitcoin futures contracts, does not seem to slow down the pace, is now waiting for the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) approved. At the same time, the United States CFTC on its official website recently issued a request for information (RFI), raised the relevant comments and feedback to the public, in order to promote the better understanding of the etheric fang. The information collected will be used to improve the understanding of CFTC encryption currency, and will help the effective supervision in the field. The official said, early exploration position and digital currency futures framework to support innovation. In the fight against fraud related activities at the same time, regulators also recently to improve the understanding of encryption currency.

At the same time, a well-known Wall Street bitcoin bull Tom Lee on the active encryption currency wallet number, account status, bitcoin circulation and other factors analysis, still optimistic about the great bitcoin prospects. It said: bitcoin is currently dismal price of about $3400 is wrong, because the actual fair price of $13800 to $14800. In addition, the JP Morgan chief equity strategist at Tom Lee, the latest forecast of bitcoin fair price, more than $10 thousand higher than the current market price. Think, if you want to maintain the current bitcoin price, the number of encrypted wallet should be reversed, from the current 50 million to 17 million. While the future of bitcoin prices will depend on the mainstream of encryption currency as assets and consumer acceptance, the use rate of. When the number of bitcoin wallet card holders reached Visa number 7%, the global Visa card number 4 billion 500 million, bitcoin prices will easily exceed $150 thousand each. In addition, there are related to that, the price of bitcoin or 100 million to 10 million are just a matter of time. This argument, let eat melon group really die is not clear. Is for investors to use the time for return, waiting for the best gift is a bear market!

Data show that the growth of bitcoin never grew up in a giant wave, after a period of malaise, began to enter a new stage. Although I do not know how long will this wave of market, but at present, including Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, fidelity, Wall Street giants have entered the field of encryption, some agencies are committed to institutional investors through investment channels. Various trends of Wall Street mainstream institutions, hoping to become a beacon of encryption currency, rather than “head lamp”.

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