The weekend bitcoin rapid reproduction crash, crash has profound influence on the graphics card deposit market

This weekend, bitcoin ushered in huge fluctuations, below the minimum $3500, is a new low from 8 years 2017 months. After the huge decline through 24 hours of 18.65%, and slightly back up, the current price of around $4000. The fluctuation is like a roller coaster, according to analysts, the next time the bitcoin will be around $3500 in a stable period of time.

Digital currency market is more and more cold, mine card market will only be worse in future. Q2 quarter earnings data released before the AMD block chain related income from the Q1 quarter of 10% decreased to 6%, ore cards down impact on AMD GPU business it is self-evident. On the other side of the NVIDIA released Q2 fiscal 2019 quarter earnings, OEM/IP business revenue of $116 million, down 54%, a decline of 70%, which is affected by the mine card market crash. Although before the NVIDAI CEO Jen-hsun Huang in the Q1 quarter earnings warning that the crypto currency related revenue will decline, he is expected to decline 2/3, which is the Q2 quarter is expected to encrypt the currency related revenues of $100 million, but only $18 million, less than 1/5, far exceeding the expected impact. NVIDIA for additional profit through the sale of GPU chip to encryption currency miners days have come to an end, but it is far from the end.

Because of mine collapse caused by graphics card inventory is still affecting the graphics market, in order to clear inventory, AMD this year launched a new game card is not active, 590 will release RX brush presence. NVIDIA, it is said that high-end Pascal graphics inventory is clear about, but in the end Pascal card inventory is still a problem, almost need to next year 2 month to reduce inventory. After this reason almost led directly to the NVIDIA Q3 released the 2019 fiscal quarter earnings, although the performance rose, but the price has plummeted. It can be said that the impact of the collapse of the mine card graphics market is far from the end, perhaps the winter has just begun.

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