The Wikimedia Foundation to accept bitcoin donations

The Wikimedia Foundation to accept bitcoin donations

Reported on July 31st, the Wikimedia Foundation is now accepting bitcoin donations, and chose Coinbase as its preferred bitcoin payment processor.

The Wikimedia Foundation (English: Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.), is responsible for Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wiki, Wiki, Wiki, Wiki textbook species, news, tour guides and Wiki wiki wiki sharing non-profit organization resource project, which is composed of Bomis CEO Jimmy Welsh in June 20, 2003 officially announced the establishment of.

The following is the official announcement of the Wikimedia foundation:

Fortunately, millions of people around the world are willing to use donations to support the Wikimedia Foundation, it is very important for the foundation. At present we received about 13 different ways to donate all over the world, now we will add a way that is bitcoin.

For those who are not familiar with bitcoin people, bitcoin is a relatively new digital currency in the world, it has been more and more accepted by businesses and institutions. For members of our community foundation to accept bitcoin guidelines, these requests and recent IRS issued encouraging fund to accept bitcoin, but in order to reduce the risk, we are Coinbase companies to accept bitcoin, so that we may be able to receive bitcoin immediately translated into dollars.

Coinbase also for the Wikimedia Foundation, open the floodgates wide to them, for this nonprofit organization provides free of charge service. The following is the official announcement of Coinbase:

The Internet makes non-profit organizations can more easily expand the geographic coverage, and can reduce the overhead required for fundraising, and accept bitcoin as a donation option of non-profit organizations is the next step, because bitcoin significantly reduces the cost. To this end, we are proud to announce the 0 fee service for all registered non-profit organization. That is to say, any non-profit organization by Coinbase to honor their bitcoin will not charge any.

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