The Winkelvoss brothers is expected to be nationalized bitcoin transactions

The Winkelvoss brothers is expected to be nationalized bitcoin transactions

Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron Internet entrepreneurs have to apply for the registration of their upcoming bitcoin exchange established in New York.

According to the Reuters reported that Gemini is the exchange of the name, they are establishing the so-called “chartered trust company”. In the current New York banking laws, have mentioned the “chartered trust company” the reputation of the company, may engage in currency exchange in the case of no special license.

In some states, these companies can not in currency trading license special circumstances, to further expand the business scope, such as California.

The Houman B Shadab franchise trust company, a former professor at New York law school, he further explained: This is a bank can exercise their rights to company. It can absorb deposits, allow withdrawals, loans, can be used as an agency of the government. In Gemini before another bitcoin exchange itBit, also apply for a bank charter document method. The credentials were successfully recovered in May, but was canceled loans or deposits of qualification.

The Winkelvoss brothers in a correct node begin their adventure. If the Chartered trust eligible for through, they will be able to expand their range of services is the United States at the same time, increase the awareness of digital currency system confidence.

They take measures taken with the itBit manager, seems to be the best way to expand bitcoin infrastructure in the country and to further strengthen cooperation with traditional banks.

Overall, the entire field of digital currency, it seems to be a good news. Because they will be stored in the bitcoin capital fund companies, their currency groups will be able to enjoy reliable and legitimate legal protection provided by law. So since the gaseous oxygen scandal, bitcoin companies regulated more and more high.

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