The world’s first bitcoin bitcoin promotion of political candidates

The world’s first bitcoin bitcoin promotion of political candidates

Like many European countries like Sweden’s political system looks like it that every party can compete (though not take full control of the country’s parliament) – Riksdag.
The Social Democratic Party dominated for nearly a hundred years, although the right alliance the moderate party recently still cling to power, but the election is now.
And the UK is different in many aspects, Sweden’s political system makes a complete control of the legislature become a very difficult thing; Swedish political intellectuals like a group of imaginative pilots and brokers, they will even humiliate the United States Capitol hill.
Bitcoin is the only candidate
The thirty-six year old Mathias Sundin is a promising candidate for parliament, he has decided to add a new proposal for his campaign strategy: financial support only take the form of bitcoin.
In order to further promote the issues, such as the political future of bitcoin in twenty-first Century. Sundin intends to stick to their principles.
“In order to use the knowledge and promotion of bitcoin, I only accept bitcoin campaign donations — you can’t give me SEK,” he said in his blog, “I will not accept the euro, dollar or other currencies.”

Bitcoin in and out
Sundin on monetary commitments certainly better than simple gimmick can seize more headlines — accept bitcoin donations will be used for bitcoin.
“If I have to do so can, such as buying such ads, I will convert it to SEK,” he said. “But my intention is as much as possible with bitcoin, after all, not what can not use it to buy. The real challenge is the Swedish public opinion, even those who work in the government of my colleagues are not very understanding of it, they see mostly negative news.”
He said, “of course, bitcoin has changed the way the world works potential, but there are also some problems that must be solved.”
“If successful, bitcoin will become a very political question. The production and regulation of government control of the money, and the financial industry is not only one aspect, it is the priority among priorities. This is why I believe it is so important that we should choose to understand bitcoin potential politicians. “
Time will tell us whether the Mathis campaign office will be successful. His party, the Liberal Party is currently a relatively small member, and will play the same role in the future. However, it is certain that Mathis is successful in this regard: Swedes now are talking about bitcoin.

Disruptive innovation
“I really want to promote bitcoin, enhance political consciousness and create new challenges because of its existence,” Sundin told InsideBitcoins. “This is potentially a very disruptive innovation, it can be a good stuff, can also be a bad thing, but all I want to do is to regulate it and any government in the radar network under the electronic currency”.
Since its emergence, the public on the “bitcoin what” has been a lack of understanding, even in recent years the report received mostly negative, they are unable to let the public understand (bitcoin). Mathis is very clear, his behavior may bring financial risks.
“My donation may be less,” he admits. “It is important that I can talk about these issues.”

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