The world’s first Canadian lawyer is planning to write about bitcoin law

The world’s first Canadian lawyer is planning to write about bitcoin law

A Canadian lawyer is planning to write the first covers other digital currency bitcoin has the legal provisions of the world. In order to solve this complex problem, Christine Duhaime has organized a working group, including economists, legal experts and experts in economic crime. This law aims to provide guidance and help to understand and solve the emerging electronic currency legislation at the global level.

Duhaime yes Duhaime Law A partner, he is a lawyer or economic crime and anti money laundering legal experts, provide compliance advice she to customers of financial supervision and financial crimes.

To be able to participate in bitcoin and other digital currency legislation, I feel very excited “she said:” just a few weeks ago the federal committee pointed out, bitcoin destructive technologies may destroy the banks and other financial, forcing them to change all kinds of service mode and open new markets for global commerce.”

Duhaime That is a very important law to keep up with the development of bitcoin, and pointed out that Canada is likely to become the first bitcoin federal law countries.

Duhaime Believe that bitcoin will play an important role in the prevention of crime, and she plans to explore the bitcoin legal risk and security.

In addition to the traditional application, Duhaime believe bitcoin will produce incredible, but for millions of people without access to traditional financial services, including Nanming, people in developing countries and poor women.

Bitcoin has clear differences in global economic potential, “Duhaime said.” but in the face of economic and legal basis and content of many problems in the law of the change, this is what we are doing.”

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