The world’s first coin tanker founder plans to support the lightning network

nnnIn the wake of the storm, the Lightning Network was one of the plans for the expansion of the Bitcoin, which supported the payment of the small chain, so the inventor of the first commercial tanker revealed plans to join the function in the design. But the current agreement does not support the program of the refund, which is the use of prepaid mode of this application is an important issue. So it is still using Bitcoin upgrade agreement BIP 70, the future to use the lightning network also need to make some internal adjustments, such as the installation of digital wallet in the car.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe inventor of the first commercial tanker revealed plans to join the Lightning Network feature in the design.n
n2014 Andy Schroder designed and manufactured the original machine, allowing users to scan QR code, with the currency instead of currency to pay. Schroder said in the Lightning developer mailing list that now wants to adjust the design, integrate Lightning under the chain to pay.n
nHowever, Schroder pointed out that some of the issues that could provide “real-time payments” of Lightning, including invoice agreements BOLT 11 did not seem to support a refund. Refunds are an essential feature for Bitcoin Refueling because the Unused Points are returned immediately at the end of the sales service.n
nSchroder currently uses the Bitcoat Upgrade Agreement BIP 70, a user-friendly payment agreement that creates a receipt for the consumer and automatically provides the seller with a refund address.n
nn”I did not see a refund option like BIP 70, which was intentionally? If so, why did not people think about a refund?”n
nnHe also guessed that the possible solution to this problem might be to install a digital wallet on the car, but that’s not a short-term solution.n

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