The world’s first Olympic athlete to receive encrypted currency payments

nRunaway Comment: One-year sponsorship deal with, a social network focusing on cryptocurrencies, and Canadian speed skater Ted-Jan Bloemen as the first Olympic athlete to receive encrypted currency payments. And will appear in the virtual reality scene of the virtual reality development company CEEK VR. Part of this partnership was paid in cash, Bloemen said is a very special sponsor that will ensure that he receives a certain amount of money and that he can increase the company’s visibility by accepting cryptocurrencies.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
After trading with two new technology companies, Canadian speed skater Ted-Jan Bloemen became the first Olympic athlete to receive encrypted currency payments.n
“New area”n
This is the first time in history that Olympic athletes have been paid in cryptocurrencies.n

CNN reported that Canadian speed skater Ted-Jan Bloemen, a two-speed world record keeper, has signed a one-year sponsorship contract with, a social network focusing on cryptocurrencies, and agreed to the terms of the virtual reality development company CEEK VR.n
According to his agent, Olympic athletes accept encrypted currency payments to support their chase success, and in this regard, Bloemen is exploring “a whole new dimension.”n
n”This is indeed a completely new area and I am looking forward to seeing what the cryptocurrency can do to Ted-Jan individuals and the impact on the entire sports marketing industry.”n
nBloemen’s deal is straightforward. Record and share his Olympic expeditions, earn encrypted currency rewards in CEEK VR’s 360-degree virtual reality scene.n
Mary Spio, founder and CEO of CEEK VR, sees great potential in seeing the sport-centric virtual reality experience and is happy to see Bloemen joining.n
n”Bloemen’s support for state-of-the-art technology reflects his tendency to break through the limits and we believe that virtual reality fits not just our audience, but ultimately the nature and potential of training and optimizing athletes.”n
nBloemen itself has also been at the forefront of new technologies and new payment methods.n
Ted-Jan Bloemen Tweet wrote:n
n”We are thrilled to be the first athlete to receive a cryptocurrency sponsorship, and thank CEEK VR and Ong.Social for cutting-edge technology and for their tremendous accomplishments. Anticipating good relationships and exciting moments for the future.”n
nIt is worth mentioning that, in addition to cryptocurrencies, Bloemen also received some cash.n
n”For me, there’s no risk of not getting anything because I’ve got some cash from it, and the mix makes the sponsors interesting because we’re going to help each other, and I try to make them more visible and successful, Good for us. “n
nAt press time, CoinMarketCap showed total market value of 6,322,255 US dollars.n
Bloemen itself is no stranger to controversy, just as in the cryptocurrency market. Notorious for breaking Sven Kramer’s ten-year 5,000-meter world record and Bloemen smearing the name and time stamp of the former teammate at the venue.n

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