The world’s first user to share blockchain AI big data system, a professional cross-border medical organization “Haiyitong” released XMC “Haiyin Chain”

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Global medical blockchain into investment hot spotsn
Among the most suitable scenarios for blockchain technology to be transformative, healthcare is one of the most watched. According to the latest Global Digital Medical Investment and Financing Report 2017 released by StartUp Health, a well-known American digital medical startup accelerator, global digital healthcare investment hit a new high in 2017, disclosing financing amount of 11.5 billion U.S. dollars. The report quotes David Sarabia, founder of inRecovery, commented that two technologies, artificial intelligence and blockchain, have transformed the healthcare industry and laid the groundwork for its future. The report predicts that by the end of 2018 will see the large-scale introduction and application of medical blockchain technology.n

There is no doubt that the combination of blockchain and AI will result in structural changes in the health care industry. As an industry that places a premium on the protection of data’s value and privacy, it enables distributed information sharing and more efficient analysis The use of data, while protecting the privacy of all parties involved, is of great value.n
The blockchain will have a disruptive impact on everything from research pharmacies to clinical diagnostics to insurance throughout the whole industry chain. No wonder that at present, from the medical blockchain pilot in Illinois to the establishment of a number of health sector blockchain alliances under the Hyper Ledger, and the blockchain start-ups from the wallet to the drug supply chain, no matter in the world, Government level, or enterprise level, have launched a block-based medical projects, including the latest representative is the XMC “Haiyin chain”, and compared to similar medical blockchain project, “Haiyin chain” has its own unique characteristics Advantages and innovation.n
“Sea Medical chain,” the story behind the originn
As with any technological advance in the field, the changes that the blockchain and AI big data have brought to the healthcare industry will ultimately be presented in ways that benefit patients. And benefit the patients, but also “Luo Yi Xuan, founder of” Haiyire chain “to join the heart of the field of health.n
This also involves a period of old memories. Luo Zixuan was born in Guangzhou. When he was young, he suffered from tracheal problems. Due to the medical problems at that time, Luo Zixuan never recovered. As a result, his parents worried that the child would not grow up. Until Luo Zixuan arrived in Hong Kong at the age of three, he received the appropriate treatment and quickly stabilized his condition.n

Talking about this past event, Luo Zixuan said: “My childhood experiences and seeing many friends around went abroad to look for medical services such as stenosis, medical treatment or medical examination, etc., which made me realize that there is a great demand for global deployment of medical services For example, if you have cancer and receiving international first-line medical treatment if the money is not enough, you can consider that in India, IVF costs only one-third of Hong Kong’s costs. Hong Kong’s medical treatment has reached world class level, but the average medical treatment cost is as long as One third of the United States and two thirds of the United Kingdom, and the future high-speed rail from Shanghai to Hong Kong is only 8 hours. “n
According to relevant statistics, the average annual compound growth rate of Chinese overseas medical services is about 20%. Seeing the huge opportunities in this area, there are still many chaos. As early as 2015, as a former Sony marketing manager with rich experience in managing multinational projects, Luo Zixuan started his career in cross-border medical field Entrepreneurship, hoping to promote quality global medical resources to those in need while creating affordable cross-border medical models. In 2016, Luo Zixuan’s offline project has been developed online. “Haiyitong” has gradually established its own brand in cross-border medical field.n
However, as business continues to evolve, Luo and his team find that market education costs are high when doing overseas medical care because there is no single, credible database that lists information on technology, prices, medicines and medicines in different countries. At the same time, the patients serviced by “Haiyi Tong” involve cross-agency, trans-regional and even transnational situations. Under such a diversified medical and health system, medical data management faces enormous challenges. How to deal with the patient’s personal medical record and the health data storage, collation, processing and sharing more effectively and reasonably becomes the important challenge for the project.n
At this moment, blockchain technology that is gradually attracting the attention of relevant industries is being made, so that Luo Zixuan and “Haiyitong” can find solutions to the pain points of the project. “We want to use blockchain to develop global healthcare big data to help guests find the best healthcare for their needs in different countries.”n
XMC “Haiyie chain” application scenarios and solutionsn
According to the latest white paper, XMED Chain (XMC), which will go live in the third quarter of 2018, is the world’s first healthcare blockchain + AI data analysis platform that uniquely addresses overseas healthcare needs. XMC uses the advantages of blockchain decentralization technology, consensus mechanism, trust mechanism, tamper resistance, information transparency, co-regulation and complete secrecy to separate individual medical records or personal health information from each other globally Placed in the blockchain, after linking the data with AI technology to help users analyze objective, precise and multi-angle approach to global medical advice.n
Unlike other existing healthcare blockchain projects, XMCs target end users, not hospitals or medical institutions, in terms of audience targeting. Such a structure can be better decentralized while legally collecting and sharing international medical information. It has not been possible for all private organizations that work with hospitals to obtain authorization to use patient records. However, in order to legally collect, use and share medical information, “Hynix Chain” has come up with the concept of “user generated data” to promote the establishment of “Hynix Chain” medical information community and legally treat the medical Information encryption, transmission and sharing, the formation of organic ecological chain. As Luo Zixuan said in an interview: “Our cooperation is for everyone who wants to share without national and geographical restrictions.”n
Specifically, after users join the system of “Haiyin Chain”, they can upload their medical records by inputting or scanning paper. Subsequently, artificial intelligence technology will identify and verify the true validity of the medical record information. The valid validated case information will be further translated by artificial intelligence and then stored in the blockchain.n

The combination of artificial intelligence in the Big Data system of “Hynix Chain” will then automatically match the most appropriate global healthcare resources for users.n
In this process, the forthcoming XMC Token will provide a good boost to the effective operation of the system. Users through the information entry and sharing or to help verify the token was obtained, at the same time can be used token to subsequent medical or insurance links, in exchange for the corresponding service.n

Project latest progressn
Version 1.0 of “Haiyie Chain” will be launched in the third quarter of 2018, covering the major cities in Asia. Version 2.0, with its Artificial Intelligence Analysis Services capability, will be released in a year’s time.n

As a blockchain project focused on health care, in addition to the technical aspects, it is necessary to pay special attention to the professional protection of the project in the medical field. In addition to Luo Zixuan as the “Haiyitong” project and the founder of Unbounded Health Ltd., Dr. Liu Xin Tong, co-founder of the project, is a member of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of London and outside Hong Kong, a Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine and a Convener of the Hong Kong Primary Care Fund (HKPCF) , Convener of Hong Kong Special Medical Fund (HKSCF), has a strong appeal in the medical community in Hong Kong. Hou Weiwei, the chief medical officer of the project, is a consultant to the former Center for Health Policy and Technology Evaluation and is responsible for evaluating high-tech pharmaceuticals and medical innovations. Ms. Hou is a Bachelor of Biochemistry from the University of Toronto and a dual master’s degree in Epidemiology from the University of Hong Kong. She has many years of experience in epidemiology and health-care ministry think tanks.n
At the same time, Luo Zixuan introduced us that the “Haiyi Chain” project has attracted a large number of large-scale medical institutions in Hong Kong, China, Japan and South Korea to come and discuss cooperation details, and medical institutions’ feedback on this blockchain project , Are very positive.n
We also saw YALE REISOLDEIL, a well-known fund manager, who is also the founder of IOB Fund LLC. Baidu’s Mr. Liu Jiping, Mr. Feng-Long Wang China Fund Mr. Wang Yuehua, listed companies I-click and founder of Mr. Wu Youping, a well-known expert in the field of medical information, Mr. Chen Yufu and other heavyweights figure. It is reported that “Haiyin Chain” will also open the overseas market financing plan.n
Health is the right of everyone of us. The use of block chain AI big data, “Haiyin chain” is carrying Luozixuan and the team set sail for the good health of the public expectations.n
Sea Medical Chain (XMED Chain) official website:
Further details of the project can be added “XMED Chain” WeChat Learn: xmc2018csn

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