The world’s largest chip maker NVIDIA affected bitcoin crash

Bitcoin (BTC), (Cryptocurrency), Nvidia encryption currency — although investors still crash this week for encryption currency prices and trouble, in just a few hours, the encrypted currency market value of the evaporation of billions of dollars, but the chip maker NVIDIA (Nvidia) is facing a loss.

In November 14th, after several months of relatively stable price, market capitalization of crypto currency plunged to $185 billion from $210 billion, bitcoin fell below $6000, hovering around $5500. In addition to copycat currency (altcoin) outside the market, the sale also affected the global top 10 major currencies, the lowest level of encryption currency prices fell in 2008 this year, taking into account of the bear market is more serious, it is almost an impressive performance. Although some analysts predict bitcoin trading volume and copycat currency will eventually reach a nadir, seems to quickly rebound, but the market is encrypted instead, since no price level fell to the third quarter of 2017.

Over the past month, with many investors and bank analysts expect the U.S. market will fall into recession in the next one or two years, the stock market, especially in science and technology leading blue chip stocks — the increasing volatility. In November 15th, NVIDIA (Nvidia) released fourth quarter earnings forecast, the company for the last few months of this year’s prospects, on declining mining crypto currency demand, the prediction is difficult to achieve.

On Friday, in addition to the encryption chip valuations fell sharply recently, sluggish fourth quarter forecast also led to Nvidia Corp (Nvidia Inc.) a broad sell-off, Goldman (Goldman Sachs) announced that they are optimistic view of the “NVIDIA obvious errors”. The same day, the company’s share price fell 20%, led to the company suffered the most serious since the 2008 crashes. Since the beginning of the 10 month record, NVIDIA shares have fallen by more than 40%, undoubtedly in part because of the decline in money demand mining platform encryption.

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