The world’s largest virtual currency bitcoin mining for investment

The world’s largest virtual currency bitcoin mining for investment

At present, the virtual currency bitcoin bear market, investment related industries are the great risk to bitcoin mining today, for example, talk with you, whether it is appropriate to mining investment.

Get a bitcoin.

There are two ways to obtain bitcoin decent, a buy on the platform, one is obtained by computer. Personal home computer is currently is not digging bitcoin, the need to calculate the force is too large, now that the mining is a specific industrial computer referred to as “mine” mining, get bitcoin. Common mining popular mining principle is involved in a pool of ore mining, ore mining is a collection of all pool of mathematical calculations in the bitcoin network, the fastest will be able to access the bitcoin network bitcoin reward pool according to each its work force, distribution of blasting block get bitcoin. This is the main way to get bitcoins. Other fees are not the mainstream.

What are the two mills.

The current mainstream of ant S9, what M3, 13T is about most things. This bear, ants and what series of enterprises also launched several times is the machine, but in the bear market reaction mediocre. The main income is not ideal. S9 power consumption per hour up to 1.55 degrees, while M3 reached above 2 degrees per hour. The proportion of income disparity is too large and does not pay.

What M3

Ant S9j

Currently, the number of mining investment income.

At present, the whole network is bitcoin dropped again, down is miners and shut down, left. Bitcoin 33.43EH/S of the resources, mining profit of $0.14 / day /THASH/S, representing a decline of 5.23% yesterday. The profit with bitcoin market and mining related. Here is how to spot above new S9j 14T for example.

The calculation of parameters such as the figure:

Calculation parameters

Figure 4: the gross income of electricity, a year can not return the. Basically do not consider starting.

The income statement

Finally, according to the current bear market, the virtual currency market is its market is winter, winter, many people in the off leave, admission connecting plates are not mine.

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