The Zimbabwe Exchange is listed on the etheric currency and resumes bitcoin trading

nRunaway Comment: Zimbabwe’s domestic foreign exchange shortfalls and cross-border remittances problems have not been fully resolved by government policies, thus contributing to the country’s bitcoin trading volume and price increases., the country’s only cryptocurrency trading platform, announced the listing of ether and bitcoin gold. But because of legalization, bitcoin did not enter the government’s mobile payment data analysis.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun, the only cryptocurrency trading platform in Zimbabwe, is listed on the Internet and in Bitcoin Gold, where it can trade both types of digital assets.n
The exchange’s email to traders and users said, “Now that we’ve added ethercoin and bitcoin gold to the site.” Golix trading platform has allowed Bitcoin transactions, only after the platform technology failure, the trader’s order book was terminated for two days. Golix also said platform trading platform has been restored. The platform’s email to Bitcoin traders and platform users in the country said: “We wanted to inform you that Golix is ​​now up and running.”n
Platform experts say Zimbabwe’s Bitcoin popularity and trading are stable.n
Global bitcoin hid in soaring prices that it has almost doubled over the past few months on the basis of the global average.n
The new measures announced by Treasury Secretary Patrick Chinamasa are not significant in alleviating the country’s foreign exchange gap and in handling the cross-border collection and payment of foreign exchange by companies and individuals. Such as expanding the use of digital currency and plastic currency to increase foreign exchange through exports.n
Golix said the order book for the exchange was suspended for two days to keep traders and recyclers free from the risk of price fluctuations for a long time before the technical problems were finally resolved.n
n”We decided to cancel all pending orders in order to protect you from the effects of cryptographic currency fluctuations.Repairing took too much time, but in the process of fixing problems in production, it is important that we carefully and slowly” .n
nZimbabwean economists said rising domestic bitcoin prices reflect skepticism about other domestic assets and the inability to remit overseas through formal channels.n
The failure of the country’s banks to conclude international deals in a timely manner brought the transaction volume of bitcoin in Golix up to one million U.S. dollars in October. The government also said that mobile payments are on the rise, with the Posts and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe saying mobile payments reached $ 1.2 billion in the third quarter.n
However, the figures do not include bitcoin turnover as the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe said the cryptocurrency is not yet legal and the banks are still studying domestic bitcoin trading and usage.n

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