There are so many bigwigs backing, which bitcoin die so easily?

Bitcoin available from the beginning, had been plunged repeatedly in bad mouthing, 322, “death”, the highest market value evaporate trillion yuan, the slump after bitcoin really died?

In fact, not. Bitcoin prices plunge, rebound, sideways is the truth before the fog, to see the trend of the future, we must dissipate the mist, it is always Those closely involved cannot see clearly”.

The price of money is to let people panic and greed for people, is the consequence of action.

The Wall Street bigwigs are new technologies and new picture of the future “temptation” mind stirring and join the industry, it must be under disillusionment and waiting for a recovery, rather than decline.

After all, if the Wall Street financial elite in the rich experience and extensive knowledge, prospects for collective industry to a judgment, that nothing can be used to predict the prospects of the industry index.


Although the bitcoin currency price this year has been in decline, the NASDAQ continues in advance Bitcoin futures preparations, Ensure that the issuance of futures contracts with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) regulations.

The futures contract has been regarded as an important step for Wall Street to accept encrypted currency “, but the market potential of encryption currency contracts can greatly change constantly, reduce the investment risk, but the strength of worried investors dare to enter the market.

The New York stock exchange 2.

Focus on bitcoin futures last year from the NYSE also hope to provide new options in the first quarter of 2019.

The NYSE chairman CEO Jeffrey Sprecher, the Intercontinental Exchange of encrypted currency futures is very optimistic, he spent the week in the New York consensus investment conference, asked “digital assets will continue to exist”.

His answer is:” The answer is very clear, will continue to exist We have to, but the price uncertainty.”

3. Digital Asset Market Association (ADAM)

10 block chain and financial technology company has set up a “Digital Asset Market Association” (Association for Digital Asset Markets, ADAM, ADAM) is the first large-scale such organizations will cooperate with regulators to establish digital asset market order, improve transparency, widely prevent market manipulation. The founding members include: Galaxy Digital, Genesis Global Trading, GSR Hudson, River Trading, Paxos, Symbiont, BitOoda Technologies, BTIG, Cumberland and XBTO.

4. Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley, senior and old employees of the money market is very interested in encryption. Ten years ago, Morgan Stanley in the work of Harish Gupta last year set up a record prices of Polybird encryption; served as a consultant in Polybird Raj Dhanda Gupta colleagues, Morgan Stanley’s 20 year old employees, now also runs a real estate investment company Black Creek Group.

In addition, Morgan Stanley executive Zoe Cruz is now a member of the board of directors Gerbaud, former CEO John Mack of Omega One encryption currency exchange is very interested in.

They believe that the block chain is” Effect will have disruptive to global capital markets “Technology, this is difficult to refuse the temptation for them.

5. Mohamed El-Erian

Allianz’s chief economic adviser, Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO) chief investment officer Mohamed El-Erian The New York consensus investment conference said some of his views:

“Although encryption currency overall this year fell a lot, but they will not die in the bear market, more institutional investors in the play, after the encryption currency but will get more widely recognized.”

“Encryption currency will always exist, they will be used more and more widely, so As part of a global financial ecological indispensable .”

“Encryption currency plummeted and will not make people feel surprised, There are fluctuations in the market is healthy .”

6. Mike Novogratz

The former Goldman partner, billionaire Mike Novogratz founded “the Milky Way digital digital assets third quarter net loss of $41 million, the total loss of the first three quarters of $136 million, mainly coins, and reboxetine currency prices fell sharply due to the etheric fang.

Every quarter losses, currency prices have been falling, but Novogratz still adhere to the investment, that he is very confident of encryption currency. Even if earnings out of 9 at the end of the three quarter after the dismal, Novogratz still predicts that bitcoin will rise to more than $10000 in the two quarter of 2019 years.

The development of a new technology will inevitably experience overheating and trough, we have overestimated the short-term value of it, don’t underestimate the long-term value.

Winter is hard, or to “recharge” faith, forward this article to friends, together hold together a warm.

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