There are three ways to change the game experience of the block chain technology

nnnIn recent years, the global game market has maintained a double-digit growth momentum. But its biggest growth is from the hand market and other segments, and block chain this new technology has the potential to fundamentally subvert the game market, providing new opportunities for development. Decentraland project leader Ariel Meilich from the subversion of the traditional game company to support the game cross-platform experience, giving players more power these three aspects of how the chain chain technology will permanently change the game industry.n
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nThe global gaming market has maintained double-digit growth in recent years, with revenue reaching $ 91 billion last year. SuperData Research calls it “the largest year in the global digital gaming market and gaming media.”n
nAnd the biggest growth or from hand travel and other market segments, the new technology has the potential to fundamentally subvert the game market, providing new opportunities for development. It can be said that the block chain of this technology has the greatest long-term potential.n
nThe following is the block chain technology to permanently change the game industry in the future of the three ways.n
n1. Block chain will subvert the traditional game companyn
nThe block chain is known for its ability to bring centering to a number of industries, pushing the power of the center to the consumer itself. The block chain will also bring the same changes to the gaming industry.n
nFrom the company has the content of the game world to the user’s own platform, it will have a huge impact.n
nFor example, the current gamers have a dedicated gatekeeper (central enough) to determine the price, tax, review the user, control the content and profit through its data. With a decentralized platform, consumers will be able to engage in social and trading directly without the involvement of middlemen. This will allow gamers to have more control and flexibility in the gaming experience.n
n2. Block chain will achieve cross-platform game supportn
nCross-platform support will be affected as long as the game content is created on a centralized platform (ie, owned by a single organization). For example, Facebook can easily prevent the game content developed for Spaces VR from running on a platform other than Oculus (also owned by it).n
nBy reducing the ability of consumers or developers to use multiple platforms, game companies limit the development of the community. The block-chain technology to support the center of the platform will also provide gamers and developers with their true desire for the function: full control. Only in this way can the user get the best gaming experience.n
n”If I were a game publisher, I would think more about community, point-to-point connectivity, and feature networks and create more connectivity,” said Chris Vollmer, a global entertainment and media business strategist at PricewaterhouseCoopers, told VentureBeat last year. Although Vollmer is talking about the game industry in general, the experience achieved by the block chain can bring the creativity he thinks necessary.n
n3. Block chain will give players the power to bringn
nThe centralized entity (usually a company) controls the game experience to bring a few questions:n
nnControl Rules – Artists, Developers, and Consumers are limited to goods and services approved by the owner of the trading platform. This has produced a virtual black market in many digital worlds, reportedly worth more than $ 6 billion.n
nControl the transaction – the user can not get the full value of the operation due to the existence of transaction costs. For example, Second Life charges a 5% fee for any merchandise between its users.n
nControl Access – Centrally platform operators can at any time decide to deny any user access to their platform.n
nControl the game world currency – for the game world currency, the user of a single entity to determine the practice of monetary policy there is no way, the impact of the value of their ownership of the future behavior of almost no insight.n
nnIf you do well, the block chain game will be able to eliminate these restrictions, so that players can more control of their experience. For example, FirstBlood let the gaming players participate in the competition, and use the chain of chains in the smart contract and the eager to win the award. The game world we build from our team – Dedentraland, is a block-based VR platform owned by its users (not owned by a single company). And Blockchainga is developing games that can freely trade digital goods in the chain of public blocks outside the game.n
nAs other sectors are carrying out the chain chain revolution, the block chain will take time to mature. This is still a new technology, especially for the game industry. But when the subversion comes, its influence will be ubiquitous and will change ownership, control, and user experience. All of which will make the game industry as always exciting.n
nAriel Meilich is the project leader for Decentraland. Previously, he was the founder of Charles River Ventures’ coin currency analyst, Big Data Corp. Benchrise. Prior to entering the technology field, he spent two years at the National Institutes of Health as a researcher, responsible for the implementation of human decision-making neuroscience research, while operating a for Amazon and General Electric customers such as BPO institutions.n

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