There is a message circulated in the coin circle: there is a consortium to stir up the bottom bit, who is in panic

These days the most popular information is a digital currency bitcoin consortium into Hongkong Bureau, said the information spent 3 billion ring 100 thousand bitcoin. This information is true, yet to be verified, but this piece of information, some people panic.

Many people think that the money into bitcoin, is a good thing. The reason that some market experience understand, is indeed a good thing, have the opportunity to push up prices.

The strategy of making everyone understand, especially the people who play, use method of stock to pull the city.

Bitcoin Market

What people hear this news will panic?

Just put out bitcoin investors, cash on hand is not much, when realized, how is of course last year into the Bureau, estimated to be losing a lot.

These out of the money people are really scared. If the consortium end of speculation that many people will regret.

But everyone is waiting to see, some people in the high quilt, rely on the information in an attempt to pull the assured high market price.

In view of the two day, and there was no sign of being pulled up, so that this information may not be true.

Incoming bitcoin Consortium

There is no dark bottom with exchange trading?

If it is encrypted currency lending investors, due not on money, only the mortgage bitcoin sold, because this is the exchange as collateral, may exchange for private consortium to access disk.

The whole process may be private delivery, not impossible.

As do the Bureau, there is no reason not to cash in, say the market does not reflect such a big volume should be good.

Only can do is to attract people into the Bureau, the market.

Because it is the bear market, so the market reflects the cold, many investors are cautious, don’t say that, now exit digital transactions.

In the high quilt investors certainly is so bad, trying to raise the market price.

The bitcoin

Moves in old-fashioned, as long as it works.

If you really hold bitcoin at a high level, this is when you should wait or get cash, do not know if you believe or go up.

Bitcoin cash (BCH) outlook is full of confusion, ahead of the occasion, bitcoin is also likely to turn over.

You ask me now is not the time to buy the dips, I don’t know. The investment have their own judgment.

To buy high, do not worry. The resort has been friends, is to buy a. (grinding one network)

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