There is no big guy in the block chain industry

 Block chain industry is not big

Editor’s note: This article from the chain catcher (ID:iqklbs), author: Gong Quanyu, the daily planet unauthorized release.

Block chain industry has a recognized “gangster”, they in the block chain industry after a long time of accumulation, has significant influence and appeal, previously often active in all the major social media, all media interviews, each big community, not regularly said slogans and encouraging people to monitor heart a few words, and then from time to time. A few disgruntled people or phenomenon, become the block chain industry most practitioners and the public in the eyes of the benchmark figures.

Most of them benefit from the rise of this industry and obtained some achievements, most of the industry progress made different contribution, it can be said that they are with the industry achievement.

In the past, “the eyes of the public block chain industry heavyweights” mainly in the following categories: one is to have their own long-term stability of the project, and the project led to a leading position in the market “big brother”, such as Wu Jihan, was handsome, at the beginning of Hongfei et al., most “Chiefs” belong to this class; another kind it is not yet with the long-term project, but the huge amount of wealth or gain great influence of preaching “big brother”, such as Li Xiaolai, Xue Manzi, Cai Wensheng et al.

At the beginning of this year, the vast majority of “gangster” was also in the “3 o’clock sleepless block chain group” you come to me, talk about change block chain technology and Thoughts on human society. But now, the so-called “gangster” are invariably in the industry deliberately kept a low profile, some people completely from the industry in the “evaporation” disappeared, many months gone, people occasionally to participate in some activities abroad, said a few words on it to avoid breeding neither painful nor itching, rumors run away.

This kind of scene, really sigh. The reason for this situation, the chain (ID:iqklbs) that there are four possible reasons.

The first reason is they consciously “no yen” in the face of the believers. This group of “big brother” only a short while ago, either directly or indirectly stimulate a large number of people came to the block chain industry, and even buy a variety of digital currency related. But now, the overall market value of digital currency market has shrunk by more than 90% compared with the beginning, the whole market is bleak, even these “big” digital currency name did not escape the fate of collapse.

Once they pass any form in front of the public, are likely to become public attack “target”, which is “face” are not big.

The second reason is because of concerns about regulatory and other reasons, some “gangster” has a high position in the industry but has long maintained a low profile, little voice, suddenly change is not nearly time.

The third reason is relatively simple, namely retreat run away. In the case of the overall boom a few years ago, many chiefs is not born because of the ability and efforts of their choice, but with luck, they put the block chain industry as carrier is actually wealth, to block chain technology itself lack of trust and faith. After go downhill in the industry, has been implementing this type of “gangster” wealth free turn away is the inevitable result.

The fourth reason is the “gangster” part of wits, does not have the system of knowledge of the blockchain, just a smattering, and in identity, wealth and aura of blessing by making up the concept, concept confusion, repeatedly stressed the techniques to export their views, and not less believers. But it is not a permanent solution, many people have tired and antipathy to their words, they can only take advantage of the industry downturn when the hidden figure, hide the embarrassment.

Then, after two reasons to “big brother” obviously cannot be called big brother, they are in a bear market “xianchuyuanxing”, but the first two reasons to “big brother” can be called big brother?

Overall, this is called the money people block chain industry in recent years the most costly one. At the same time, no major breakthrough block chain technology, landing block chain application is advancing slowly, and only gambling games and a few non mainstream DApp has been active in other areas are tried without success, many industry practitioners are in self doubt.

In fact, the industry is in a downturn and the critical period, the more the need to strengthen confidence, strength, and strength and confidence come from? The source of nature should be the block chain technology and ideological system more perfect, progress and breakthrough, but also need to bigwigs often with its appeal will be industry progress and thinking experience to share with the general public, and promote the whole industry atmosphere.

But in reality, the “big brother” have to “work” is not to bear at ease, seemed to disappear, not on past believers to soothe the function, but also the formation of negative suggestions to some extent.

The same is true for the industry. Because digital currency prices plummeted, the block chain industry is undergoing a new round of large-scale public questioning, “this industry heavyweights” still have silenced, will undoubtedly have a further indirect solid side effects outside of the question.

Moreover, the truth is more clearer, group discussion at the beginning of the three o’clock in this sense is a good start for the industry, but unfortunately failed to continue. Last year, on the “gangster” to discuss the industry focus gradually shifted to the currency reform, trade, mining bitcoin cash and even some “gangster” bifurcation war of words, these topics only about less interest groups, does not have the profound significance of industry.

For the discussion of the downturn in the industry, “big” people ought to assume responsibility. These meaningful discussions out of position, largely by those remarks provocative, rough characters and marketing projects occupy, become one of the important reasons of the deterioration of the market environment and the atmosphere of public opinion.

Now it seems that the definition of “public” gangster threshold is too low. The real big brother, not only need to experience deep and great influence, but also need to have distinct personality, dare to play, for the individual project and the industry should have a certain sense of responsibility, may also need to have a stable output value and methodology.

According to the criteria, the current industry chain blocks this batch of so-called “big brother” is not really a big brother, can only be called industry public figure. They will most of the energy on their own “the third of an acre, the block chain industry the lack of sufficient play, play to their identity and status corresponding to the contribution of a difficult period in dimension did not in the industry. Remove the wealth and career, but there are several “Chiefs” has a specific block chain thought, management ideas or personality traits in the mind of the public?

They probably thought that secure work is to deal with the bear market the best strategy, but it is not. In fact, if not given to believers in a satisfactory answer, chiefs should also regularly vocal gesture, to output the blockchain values and world outlook based on progress and vision of its own or project, which is attached to the identity and status of the responsibility.

Block chain industry is a very popular argument for this behavior: “recharge belief”, although this word with ridicule and banter, but the real heavyweights are so should, without fear of the attention of the outside world, the rumors even accused, take the initiative to talk about their own projects and industry trends, leading the industry concerned about the really important topic, incentive the supporters of the confidence, strengthen industry practitioners continue to work motivation, and on behalf of voice and confidence within the industry to showcase the industry chain block.

Although the bigwigs sound does not necessarily promote the industry out of the bear market, but no doubt belongs to one of the factors necessary. The public and the industry requires not only the practical work of the chiefs, but also need to be able to stand out sounding sermon chiefs, are both indispensable.

The more courage in the industry downturn for the industry voice, voice for the believers, the more in dividends during the harvest more industry reputation and faith. It is proven that the historical truth, but the current block chain industry “and they may not have a thorough thinking big.

Block chain industry is now not big, but more than ever need gangster.

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