There is no second chance to master the chain of car financial services

nnIn the same way, there is no doubt about the importance of the chain chain, but how unpredictable the future is. But who can occupy the commanding heights can become standard makers, swept their great interests. Deloitte released the research report on the block chain of the automotive industry, noting that the main problem of the technology is the speed and impact of the block chain change, and its potential is certain. At present, the regional chain of regional development trend is relatively clear. And if the participants strengthen cooperation, government regulation is more open, you can in the technical development of the receipt of profits.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nIt is difficult to predict the inflection point of new technology, but it is not difficult to understand their importance.n
nBlock chain technology is this: we know that it is in many industries a huge influence, but it is not mature; that is, no matter who first use a similar system, can lead the development of technical standards, to become the king of all benefits.n
nDeloitte Touche Tohmatsu Financial Services reported that over the past few years, more than 90 banks have participated in global block chain discussions, with more than 90 companies joining or creating chain-chain alliances.n
nn”With its centralization model, the block chain has the potential to address the confidence needs of the existing business processes and interactions, and to keep track of all historical ownership and status of a particular asset at any time without any intermediary. Is huge, because it can be used in many independent industries. The automotive industry is no exception. “n
nn”Block chains can achieve a new model of the automotive industry, and we believe that this is what customers are looking for now,” said Sebastian Pfeifle, Deloitte’s author, Deloitte partner and automotive finance services. “The problem faced by everyone is the speed at which it is Influencing the object “.n
nPfeifle said that although it is impossible to determine who or what will stand out, but can understand what areas around the world to focus on block-chain technology. Such as frequent activities in the United States and Europe, China and Asia, the overall chain of small exploration. Massimo Ferrari, a senior adviser at the Deloitte District Chain Research Institute, said that if the federal government took steps, it would allow some areas to go beyond the rest of the world.n
nn”Regulatory issues are also a factor.If the large participants began to cooperate, ask the government more open, there will be a great breakthrough.”n
nnPfeifle said, but because of the many participants, this is also a new technology, the risk of natural and more. “It may also be a chance for winners to take possession because of the nature of the chain chain and the ability to expand.” There may not be a second chance.n

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