These years we have made a mistake, 7 misunderstandings about the block chain and bitcoin

Some people say the blockchain created bitcoin, also some people said bitcoin achievements of the chain block!

These years we misunderstand blockchain is really many, many people even put the block chain and fried bitcoin together. Seven misunderstandings about the block chain and bitcoin, must block chain of positive solutions!

The first big mistake: block chain is fried bitcoin

2017 is the blockchain relatively rapid development in a year is also let many investors to reap the full year. All kinds of digital currency into the market, the currency speculation became our first impression of the blockchain.

In principle, bitcoin is just a landing scene blockchain, in addition to the square, EOS, Ethernet and so on bifurcation of currency. In addition to the application of digital currency such as scenes and block chain traceability, supply chain finance and copyright etc. These are the application block chain technology.

The next big misunderstanding: a large number of data can be stored in the block chain

We all know that the blockchain itself has the characteristics of distributed billing, if each node can store large amounts of data, each node must be handled is very difficult, but the efficiency is very low!

Third mistakes: the blockchain data is absolutely safe

In fact, the absolute security in a certain sense is ambiguous, once the blockchain data by more than 50% attacks, security will be affected. Although the attack probability is relatively low, but still possible. There is no absolute safety.

Article four misunderstandings: intelligent storage is the real contract contract is on the block chain

The first real contract and the contract is complete the intelligent Never mind. Intelligent contract is a computer program stored in the blockchain after completed and can be executed. The contract is in accordance with the intelligent computer program preset conditions automatically, but only in block chains, while the default conditions must also block chain technology can verify the.

Fifth mistakes: the block can be applied to the whole industry chain

Although the block chain is a new technology, but now not all industries are applicable. At least now many industries can not use a wide range of this new technology. This is a new high technical threshold itself. But now this new technology is still in the exploratory stage, the relevant personnel is still relatively scarce.

Sixth mistakes: bitcoin coin and the nature is the same

Bitcoin is the first on the block chain system Token, it does not exist in the real world entity. The coin is a simple store of value, and the Token can store complex values, such as property, utility, income and alternative, the nature is not the same.

Seventh misunderstanding: bitcoin not into the mainstream currency, because the government

Many people think that bitcoin currency is not into the mainstream because of government regulation, in fact, this is not the main reason. As everyone knows a bitcoin blockchain block takes approximately 10 minutes, and each block is less than 1MB per second processing capacity, TPS is only 7 transactions.

But now the processing speed of the etheric Fang and EOS is much higher than the bitcoin. So the processing speed and scalability problems have not become mainstream bitcoin currency!

This is a new technology block chain of the progress of human society changes, the future will be the feedback to the society. Block chain is able to completely go to the center is still a question mark. With technology innovation, the blockchain landing speed will also speed up the change of market structure, some is very likely, can better promote the progress of the times.

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