This summer Burger King in Russia to open Bitcoin payment support

nnnRaiders comment: Russia Burger King has been set in Moscow began to pay the pilot, in order to start in the country, is currently looking for technical programs that can write relevant procedures. So that the restaurant can talk with Andrews and iOS applications, consumers can pay in encrypted currency. This is Russia’s first real money to pay the case, in line with the increasingly friendly domestic currency development environment.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThis summer the Russian Burger King will begin to pay for Bitcoin.n
nRussian local media reported that the Burger King Burger King has begun to pay the pilot, the chain executives confirmed that the current will be carried out in the country.n
nUznay Vse said Tuesday that the store began to accept Bitcoin payments and was the first official report on the payment of Russian Bitcoin goods and services.n
nBurger King is also recruiting IT experts who can deploy related software.n
nn”Some programs need to be written so that the restaurant can talk to Andrews and iOS apps, and consumers can pay in encrypted money.”n
nnRussia is becoming a country that supports encrypted currency, said Alexey Moiseev, vice chairman of the Treasury this week, as long as there is “proper regulation” that the currency may be legally traded on the exchange.n

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