This Sunday, the highest price of bitcoin fell 18%!

Source: Huang Sheng financial

This weekend, Shenzhen finally ushered in a heavy rain, the temperature dropped, the fall is really not easy to be long in coming.

However, autumn autumn autumn Sharen, success in Shenzhen at the same time, a market has ushered in the winter, even this weekend staged a bleeding.

Today, bitcoin crash, fell below $4000 mark, this is a very important psychological barrier, however this Sunday by a ruthless breakdown.

Not only fell below $4000, 3900, 3800, and even broken 3700, 3600, 3500 road mark, carry all the way.

This week, the highest price of bitcoin plunged 18%, such as flooding, A rout is like a landslide., there is no resistance.

Last week, bitcoin plunged more than 20% a week today, bitcoin day plunged more than 18%, this is trash.

Bitcoin is more than 83% from the highest point of the decline, this is basically a process of global wealth evaporation, countless wealth would be eliminated.

Last week, bitcoin prices plummeted, the fuse is hard because digital currency which is one of the leading bifurcation, trap of digital money scam, finite infinite.

Once the hard fork, digital currency can be unlimited expansion, supply increases indefinitely, which shattered the digital currency limited number of this is a lie.

In the theoretical basis, such as the emperor’s new clothes, what actually did not wear, fraud will be exposed, all the way down can’t be stopped.

This Sunday, collapse of bitcoin, the reason is that the United States to strengthen the supervision of digital currency, the U.S. Securities Regulatory Commission announced on two ICO penalty.

As a result, it triggered a digital currency speculation market for regulatory concerns, a sell-off in time to come, we throw crazy bitcoin.

In fact, any mature countries will eventually be strictly banned virtual currency, because any country will use the law to safeguard legal tender status.

If anyone can issue a virtual currency, it will seriously impact the status of legal tender, anyone can through the issuance of virtual currency Seigniorage charge.

This is one thing can not imagine, will lead the world into chaos, led to the global financial market chaos, but now some countries still exist fluky psychology, but sooner or later shot.

Not only the United States to strengthen the supervision of the digital, even more so in Europe, director of the European monetary authorities this week shouted, bitcoin is a combination of foam, Ponzi scheme, environmental disaster body.

Bitcoin bubble is of no value, but by speculators held on the day, has been seriously out of value, is completely speculators game.

A Ponzi scheme is characteristic of other digital currency bitcoin, need to rely on the people behind the high prices for the person in front of disk access, this is not what is a Ponzi scheme?

Environmental disaster is a large number of digital currency speculators, mining, constantly in the mountainous area, resource investment mine, power, consumption of constantly making noise, has caused many serious environmental pollution.

In fact, bitcoin is after the subprime crisis, the financial product of evil in western countries, originally want to pass this highly confusing internet currency, to plunder the wealth of the world.

The results, from the perspective of the development, it is eventually harm to others, the United States itself in the Ponzi scheme, even the Wall Street traditional financial sector to dare attack bitcoin, because the Treasury has a lot of bitcoin.

But now, bitcoin as a pariah, has evaporated $800 billion fortune, became a wealth of meat grinder.

Of course, bitcoin fell, a similar scam continues, in Chinese also has all the name of digital currency block chain, there are various kinds of MLM coins, is a scam.

I have always been engaged in financial risk education, has always insisted on pointing out the essential characteristics of virtual currency fraud and harm, but also hope that more forward, let everyone see these risks, to avoid being.

In fact, there is a problem, a lot of speculators worthy of sympathy? Many people know is a scam, but still do not listen to advice, it is because of greed blinded by greed, so they lost the reason, this kind of person is not worthy of sympathy.

At the end of the week, bitcoin virtual currency drives the avalanche, collapse, in the past year, really is from heaven into hell.

If you love someone, let him read this article, don’t let him repeat the virtual currency fraud and traps, away from the highly speculative game.

If you hate a person, let him go to the virtual currency speculation, because it makes a person lose mind, will lead to a loss of wealth.

Heaven and hell, a year, good flower, produce good fruit, flowers of evil, evil is not the fruit of knot, good and evil, heart, my heart is bright, but what words!

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