This winter is not too cold, the government of Paraguay to support bitcoin mining plan

The recent global financial market downturn, digital currency market also belongs to the trough. But this does not affect the development of the whole industry.

Recently, the blockchain technology foundation and the government of Paraguay established a large mining project — the world’s largest bitcoin mining field and encryption currency exchange completed negotiations.

According to media reports, Paraguay vice president Hugo Velazquez Moreno said that the Paraguay government will actively support the blockchain Technology Foundation (also known as the house of Commons foundation Commons Foundation) the “golden goose plan”, and provide tax incentives for encryption currency by constitutional amendment. If the plan to achieve the ultimate, Paraguay’s parliament will through the revision of the constitution, provide tax relief, or even acknowledge the existence of money encryption and legal status, it will be a major breakthrough in the global level of encryption currency.

If a country’s government to provide tax incentives for encryption currency, it proved that the government has a positive attitude clear, identify the timing of the quasi digital eager to participate in the money market.

As of now the bitcoin price of 26794 yuan, the recent collapse with a lot of panic. But more and more countries began to look at the block chain technology and encryption of digital money market, the whole industry is still rising.

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