This year the cybercriminals stole $ 225 million through fishing

nnnIn 2017 cybercriminals have stolen $ 225 million in digital money through phishing scams, mainly by transferring money to the virtual currency’s network address on the chain of fake Ethernet blocks. More than 30,000 investors were victims of cyber-related cybercrime, with an average loss of $ 7,500, while ICO accumulated $ 1.6 billion in revenue over the same period. So New York research firm Chainalysis said it should be built from infrastructure to protect the interests of these investors.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nIt is reported that in 2017 cybercriminals stolen $ 225 million in digital money through phishing scams, and the deceived potential investors transferred to the network address claiming to be the virtual currency on the chain of the tower.n
nNew York research firm Chainalysis data show that more than 30,000 investors have become victims of Internet-related cyber-related victims, with an average loss of $ 7,500, while the ICO has accumulated about $ 1.6 billion in revenue.n
nJonal Levin, co-founder of Chainalysis, said the cybercriminals were huge.n
nn”In such a short period of time to produce so much money. Encrypted money phishing scammers than other types of criminals do better.”n
nLevin says hackers have created websites or social media accounts that imitate real ICO projects. They then pick potential investors to transfer to their fake account. Other ways to lure victims include Twitter articles, Slack news and targeted emails.n
nLevin said cybercriminals could use the project loopholes to steal funds. He referred to the Center for Self-Government (DAO) project, which aims to make the capitalization of the project. Internet criminals use system vulnerabilities to steal $ 5.5 million in ether.n
nAs a result of the large losses suffered by investors, Levin suggested creating infrastructure to help the affected people.n
nn”The overall data show that we need to build infrastructure to prevent people from suffering.”n

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