Thousands of colleges and universities: IBM to fill the block chain job vacancies great plan

nnnRampage Comments: Block chain industry professionals scarcity has been plagued by the development of the industry, so there are already a lot of relevant personnel training programs have been launched. As a global technology giant, although IBM has set up a related project, recently with a number of universities, set up some allowances, design block chain courses, and other projects. The company’s resources open to a thousand colleges and universities, including cloud platform and block chain sandbox use rights. At the same time also launched a venture business incubator project, as well as some technical application test project.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nBlock chain industry there are staffing problems: simply speaking, vacant posts too much, block chain professionals too little.n
nNow, in order to meet the rapidly increasing demand, IBM has worked with Baruch College, Fordham University, University of Arkansas, University at Buffalo and the University of British Columbia to set up some allowances, design block chain courses, and other projects.n
nIn addition, IBM has added some block-chain resources to its IBM Academic Initiative, which has opened up the resources of the global technology giants to 1,000 universities.n
nHowever, although the scope is unique, but IBM’s new project is only one of the global block chain industry talent training program.n
nIBM Blockchain General Manager Marie Wieck Description of the project beta test results:n
nn”We’ve got some very, very positive response.”n
nPractical learningn
nWieck also revealed how the project will take advantage of IBM technology.n
nFirst of all, the company’s first proprietary distributed book technology IBM Blockchain Platform (IBM block chain platform) will enter the university curriculum for students to use.n
nMoreover, the university participating in the project will receive IBM Cloud’s half-year access, and IBM Blockchain cloud platform sandbox access.n
nAnd how such technology will be used by graduate students has become increasingly clear.n
nAnnounced that the project at the same time, IBM officially launched the IBM Blockchain Platform, which is with Wal-Mart and other large companies to cooperate in the food supply chain alliance project; announced to invest in Hyperledger Fabric (super books) based on the construction of the first start-up company accelerator Then

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