Thunder: with peer developers

2018 is the underlying public chain crazy year, this track was the emergence of hundreds of public chain. The core competence is the underlying technology and ecological chain public game player loop, whether it is technical ability on the TPS war, or partial marketing campaign ultimate source node, to attract users still rely on the (super) DAPP traffic.

So some people began to say that the public chain of an era, may be the “developed world”, this group of developers not only from the industry, can also be a new flow from the traditional internet. For developers, the public are chain initiative, BM invested in VC EOS $100 thousand to support the developers, the thunder cloud star chain, chain, chain, and other public ONT public trust chain in this year launched a developer incentive plan.

But standing in the public chain point of view, what is the real needs of developers? How to attract more traditional Internet world of new developers to join the community? This is still the most common headache problem chain.

In order to more close, and developers on Saturday, I went to Hangzhou with blockchain technology and application of thunder chain Federation held in Hangzhou Technology Salon, sitting with the developers, to listen to the thunder chain share.

Have to say, this salon most profound experience is good, the spirit of surprising geeks. The salon arranged in a coffee shop on Sunday at two o’clock, I arrived at half past one venue, the venue has All seats are occupied. this is no exaggeration, the front seat, there is no vacancy, the back of the stair space is not much, still need to hold the center aisle for photographers. The salon lasted for 5 hours, not the speaker’s speech is lengthy, but sharing after questioning too hot.

 Thunder: with peer developers

Before and after the start and coffee breaks in the salon, I chatted with 7 participants. The identity is not a block chain related practitioners including exchange, alliance, but also from the traditional Internet and networking developers.

A salon and a trip to the organizers, the security industry developers said: “before heard, want to see big companies how to do”. In fact, the majority of respondents, for public understanding of the chain are often limited in the etheric square, EOS, learning is often they come to the big company background label of thunder chain is particularly special.

“Born for the blockchain”

The majority of users familiar with the thunder, is has 400 million registered users to download, and the public impression outside of thunder, is a cloud computing and block chain technology services company.

In the middle of 2017, the thunder will share the computing business under the transformation of the C block chain end. CDN node hardware sharing game player hands, from “money treasure” upgraded to “play off the cloud”.

Compared to the previous two generations share intelligent hardware, playing off cloud brought block chain technology — proof of work based on the chain g, users share the idle bandwidth, storage and computing resources reward. This form of incentive in attracting huge amounts of users at the same time, also gradually opened up the shared node CDN business.

Play off clouds and sharing of CDN business sales, to that year’s thunder shares brought nearly 277.2% annual growth rate, once the age of falling thunder by Tencent technology included in the 2017 annual ten tech rich mythology. Thunder CEO Chen Lei also said: “this provides important inspiration and support for future thunder and explore new business models, or reconstruct the existing business model of thunder.”

But the myth of the thunder, seems to be a bit late.

In go on the block chain transformation of the road before, once in the market segment duguqiubai Thunder download tools, once crashed NASDAQ listed on the road, in the mobile Internet tide comes, the thunder for the first time the heart of a sense of crisis.

But as the PC Internet era veteran, thunder and the transformation of the road is not smooth, 2011 thunder almost a year to 2012 2013, app store, mobile search, 2014 share calculation, 2015 live, 2016 VR, the first half of 2017 to do artificial intelligence, finally in the second half of 2017 completely block in All chain.

2017 the second half of the year, people see, once time falls thunder began to emerge in a new field. About the causes of the success of the transition, the outside world is always a lot of confusion. In this regard, then just promoted to thunder CEO Chen Lei has publicly said: “the thunder cut out for a chain block”. He said that the thunder P2P technology, distributed computing, content transmission technology is advantage and gene of thunder, and the advantage of sharing and computing, and gene block chain is naturally fit.

“Natural fit” is now clear, but behind a few years in the P2P market in the deep. Chen Lei said that since the 2014 so far this year, the thunder has invested a total of US $1 billion for the sharing of computing technology innovation “. In 2015, the first TOC and TOB shared computing products – Thunder money treasure and star domain CDN were landed, 2 products have successfully constructed the shape of the “infinite node”, including millet, Iqiyi, deft, unfamiliar street, BiliBili, panda live, China Internet companies are the calculation of customer service sharing.

The result is accumulate steadily brisk earnings results. Q2 2018 unaudited financial report of the company shows that the total revenue of thunder during the reporting period was $65 million 800 thousand, an increase of 70.7%, the tenth consecutive quarter of growth; Q2 revenue growth was mainly from the thunder cloud broadcast, and mobile advertising business contribution.

From the thunder chain to TCFS

The first stop block following the layout of chain business: after playing off the clouds, thunder launched the public “Thunderbolt chain chain”, and released a TCFS file system in the thunder thunder chain developer contest.

Compared to the BAT carefully, the thunder’s ambition seems more and more high-profile links: the global developer, a chain block bottom protocol of a new generation of thunder, and made no secret of pay full energy.

But how this is a surrender of the respondents, the developers still need to score.

Lin Jing is perhaps the most qualified scoring developers. He is the last one of technical salon guests to share his entrepreneurial projects “value chain gene HGBC, the underlying technology is used in the file system are thunder and thunder chain (TCFS), project consultant is thunder CEO Chen Lei.

 Thunder: with peer developers

As the realization of the ecological platform personal genetic data and medical data storage and right block chain technology based on a HGBC, the thunder chain for various considerations, in the opinion of the founder Lin Jing, gene data belonging to the national strategic plan, as the national public thunderbolt chain chain, more in line with regulatory requirements; in addition, the individual gene data base while slicing TPS, thunder thunder chain million level file system and many of the play off cloud storage nodes are able to meet this requirement.

According to the thunder, if it is a single, performance is far less than the level of TPS million, but the thunder of the chain chain isomorphism of frame structure, the whole system can be distributed in different transaction chain of transaction data between a plurality of chain interaction, will eventually be able to confirm the thunder chain backbone performance to enhance the level of TPS million.

In addition, the thunder chain core algorithm is the result of the underlying PBFT consensus algorithm. Through this algorithm, the thunder chain can be ultra low delay real-time block write and query, the block speed can reach the second level of single strand, and will not produce bifurcation. In contrast, bitcoin block to speed up to 10 minutes, the etheric workshops also take up to 15 seconds of time.

And in July this year, thunder launched the TCFS distributed storage file system is for large data chain storage pain points, a play off cloud node based in one million above, through the slice redundancy encoding file, each encoding block is assigned to different play off the cloud, and play the file on the cloud to slice off monitor and named PROOF, and additional means of encoding, and in ultra low cost to achieve the high level of disaster recovery.

Generally speaking, the source file is cut into 16 fixed number, and backup, copy it into 32 pieces, in the 32 film, 16 pieces of arbitrary crawls without demanding the original 16 piece, can restore file.

Thunder that an important reason for the current block chain technology difficult landing, is to use block chain technology when the high threshold, relative scarcity of talent. Thus, in addition to the thunder chain file system, contract and standard template library, transaction order system are to reduce the developer threshold.

In the whole process of development, developers only need to be responsible for application (including front-end applications and back-end management platform) itself, and the application background and the intelligent contract this three part of the work on the line, as the thunder chain and test environment, and the chain g pocket, server SDK, is provided by the thunder, the developers do not bother, just focus on in application development can be.

Just contact for block chain technology developers, the thunder will also provide small plug-in for it, the industry solutions to achieve process template through the contract, developers need only according to their own needs to choose to apply, can quickly complete the development and deployment;

At present, Lin Jing HGBC have the aid of contract templates and solutions for the completion of the intelligent deployment. In addition to technical support, HGBC also received from the thunder chain g coupon support and traffic support. With his entrepreneurial projects, Lin Jing from thunder chain technical salon went to the Beijing Railway Station to Hangzhou Railway Station, soon to Hongkong station.

But he also said that at present, how to ensure the correctness of the data on the chain, how to meet the more fine-grained data authorization and meet the chain, is still HGBC and thunder chain challenges.

The national public chain?

9 2018, the thunder sale “business chain g” this news attracted the eyes of many. According to reports, the thunder will, “chain operations sold to G” New World Technology Group under the chain enjoy cloud company, including chain, chain and chain store g g g pocket, still retains the chain, meanwhile the thunder thunder thunder, thunder chain chain open platform file system (TCFS) as the underlying technology and business. Play off and play off the cloud computing business sharing based on network.

The new world took over the operation after the chain will join our G major national strategic project of “digital citizens” construction. According to public information, the new world top 10 shareholders, in addition to the founding team of the original shares held by 30.56% 9, a shareholder of the rest, basically have a certain state-owned background.

Thunder “chain g” since the birth of this road, a “play off coin”, after the name change, stop, transfer function, support the development of freezing, eventually operating right from the thunder off, so the outcome to actively embrace regulation thunder, also seems to be expected. To look from the “chain of G” development path since the release of a road to the thunder, it was found that with high-tech weapon thunder is being quietly incorporated to the national team under the command of.

In May this year, achieved by the thunder of R & D and landing sharing model, as one of the main block chain infrastructure, was included in the Ministry of the compilation of “2018 China block chain industry white paper” in.

The same month, thunder as “enterprise technology innovation” officially joined the China Investment Association, it is reported that Chinese Investment Association was founded in 1995, is the national development and Reform Commission under the State Council in charge of the association.

In June 2018, reached a strategic cooperation with the thunder people’s venture capital, build the blockchain laboratory, in addition, the two sides will also jointly organized technical forums, closed door discussions, application contest and other activities under the line, the service of entrepreneurs.

This year 9 months, CPPCC Vice Chairman Qi Xuchun is thunder network to inspect and guide the work of the heart, and the sharing of computing block chain positive incentive mode.

Compared to other domestic public chain, “coins” thunder seems a bit special. For the thunder, as a big company, how to better assume social responsibility “is a more profound proposition, because of the” chain of G “mutual gold association business was named, now embrace the country” to the currency of the blockchain is also very logical.

Thunder now get rid of the “chain grams” sin, traveling light. For different crystal like developers, this is not a best opportunity, at least a little relief policy risk burden, a solid ground.

 Thunder: with peer developers

If the world is in a block chain is widely accepted and applied on the edge, then the developer is pushing block chain technology the backbone of air plant. As a technology oriented enterprises, the thunder obviously knows this.

In the thunder held developer contest, such as thunder developers: “a new technology revolution, behind have a group of unwilling mediocrity, innovative promoters. They bear the historical mission, a commitment to the social question, but maintaining early heart, steadily promote the development of the industry, they are the most ordinary people block chain industry chain, also block the real value of the creator, is a pioneer worthy of our respect, should not be the era of live up to people.”

In fact, whether it is public or chain developers, is the protagonist of history, in the blockchain trend in public, chain and developers, are looking for how to get along with the world better, and get a glimpse of the world road further blockchain truth. May find the answer sangdoo resistance and long, but could not be behind closed doors clearance Avenue, perhaps in the field of technical salon, perhaps in the developer contest scene, communication and stirring ideas, often hidden paths leading to the truth.

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