Tierion tokens to raise $ 22 million within 9 hours


Translated by: Inan

nTierion is excited to announce that Tierion’s tokens have raised more than $ 22 million (totaling $ 25 million) in nine hours and started in Shanghai on July 27, 2017 at 21:00.n
nUp to now, people are very positive feedback on the tokens sales, participants have praised the process of efficient. Although a small number of participants encountered some minor difficulties in receiving a confirmation email, the team solved the problem in a timely manner.n
nThere is also the opportunity to participate in Tierion tokens on sale, and Tierion suggests that people who wish to participate will act as early as possible to avoid disappointment.n
nDistributed Capital is the first venture capital fund in China to focus on supporting companies that build chain-chain innovative use cases, previously announcing support for Tierion tokens.n
nThe Tierion network is a large data validation platform. Tierion works by creating proof that connects data to transactions on the chain chain, which is called “anchoring”. Anyone who has this proof can verify the authenticity and timestamp of the data without relying on trusted authority. Tierion is connected to Bitcoin and Ethernet Block chains.n
nThe tokens sold Tierion Network Token (TNT), which is an ERC20 smart contract tokens. TNT will be used to pay for the services provided by its network and to provide economic incentives to maintain the runtime and reliability of the network. The proceeds from token sales will be used to create a global network that covers the increasing cost of connecting data to block chains. The funds will also be used to support the continuous development of technology within the Tierion ecosystem.n
nYou can view all the details of the token sale and the complete white paper of Tierion on its website. The tokens will continue to open until the completion of 25 million US dollars target, even if failed to reach the target will end on August 10.n

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