Tim Draper: bitcoin price continues to $10000

Tim Draper: bitcoin price continues to $10000

Although the company paid and thought leaders to bitcoin interest, but bitcoin prices in recent weeks are weaker because of the use of optimistic strong reaction and various regulations of New York new and more complex financial instruments.

This is the hedge fund Pantera Capital summed up the two reasons of falling prices. The United States affected by the auction in July 30000 bitcoin, bitcoin prices rose to near $650, after a weakness.

No one is better than the famous investor Tim Draper is more exposed to the decline in, he is the claim that 30000 bitcoin Draper Jurvetson partner Fisher.

在最近的采访中,Draper透漏对最近比特币的价格下跌有些惊讶,但是这不影响他从长远看好比特币。 Draper of coindesk said: “I guess the market did not see what I see. The economy will be rebuilt. I believe that three years can bitcoin $10000, this is a conservative estimate of the.”

It is worth noting that, if the market price to count, he holds bitcoin has shrunk by $5 million.

Optimistic about emerging markets

Draper also said that his overall investment strategy and the recent action, he is still the most investment bitcoin related startups.

The 56 year old investor, has invested in BitPagos, Korbit and Volabit, he told coindesk that he believes the company will overcome the challenges they face, the ultimate success.

Draper said, out of his confidence in these companies, believe that they will overcome the lack of regulation and the current consumer awareness of the difficulties, he said: “these companies so that people in the country’s business is more simple. As long as the government realized that their citizens after the success they also will be better, then we will Everything is going smoothly. bitcoin investment.”

Investors should buy bitcoin

Although the price weakness, but Draper said he believes that investors should look into the bitcoin market opportunities, he said he would “encourage people to buy some coins and spend it.”

When asked to observe the market investors and entrepreneurs some advice, he pointed out that the long-term use of bitcoin, such as low cost transfer network, he said: “I guess people used Western Union now recognize the use of bitcoin can save much.”

He said, investors should look for bitcoin investment opportunities, whether direct investment or investment in infrastructure.

“I think bitcoin has taken root in this.” Draper concluded.

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