“Time to get”, CCTV financial “economic information broadcast” called “hard split” as a bitcoin slump in November 22nd

Time to get to share this moment. Hello, this is Thursday, November 22, 2018. I am Hua Nan, combing today’s big event for you.

1, the Colorado state of the United States has banned four ICO and sealed 20 in half a year.

Gerald Rome20, a member of the Colorado State Securities Commission, signed a ban on four companies on Global Pay Net, Cred LLC, CrowdShare Mining, and CyberSmart Coin Invest, saying that these companies have published unconfirmed data, false promises, claims that they can provide high profits and dividends, inadequately disclosed information, and distort facts.

2, Bahrain Economic Development Committee CEO: Bahrain did not ban ICO, compared special currency and block chain welcome.

The Economic Development Commission of the kingdom of Bahrain, CEO Khaled irurik, told economic reports in twenty-first Century that Bahrain was exploring the feasibility of ICO.

“We don’t want to legitimize ICO,” Ai Leroux Mai F said. “But if we have ICO to enter our regulatory sandbox, how do we deal with it? The Singaporean regulators suggest that if companies raise funds through ICO, they need to meet the relevant regulations like other financing actions, such as the release of detailed financing instructions. Bahrain did not ban ICO, and also compared special currency and block chain technology. There were several bitcoin Exchange Company in Bahrain’s regulatory sandbox, and we asked them to open bank trusteeship accounts. “

3, the security company found the new loophole in the ether Fang, the affected exchange is said to have been repaired

Network security companies Level K, Trail of Bits and IC3 found that an attacker might pull out all the ETH holdings of many exchanges because of the vulnerability of the platform code. The vulnerability associated with the GasToken contract has affected some encrypted currency exchanges.

Level K21 announced on the day that it was not aware of how many exchanges had been protected, so in November 13th it had privately notified as many exchanges as possible and suggested how they could repair the system. Level K said that many exchanges in the notice are not in danger. According to Level K, all the affected exchanges have repaired the loopholes after receiving the notice.

4, “false EOS” attack reappears, another EOS guessing game is attacked by hackers

According to PeckShield data, PeckShield data showed that between 15:43 and 18:31 yesterday, the hacker (kuybupeykieh) launched an attack on the vegasgame111, a total of hundreds of EOS, and the tracking chain found that the hacker used as many as dozens of sub account operations to move the assets in order to prevent the flow of funds to be tracked.

5, CCTV financial “economic information broadcast”: “hard bifurcations” for bitcoin slump push hand

In the CCTV financial “economic information broadcast” column, a special report was carried out in comparison with the recent collapse of the special currency. Liu Xiaolei, director of the Department of finance of Peking University Guanghua School of management, explained the BCH bifurcation in an interview, saying that the bitcoin fell more than 70% in the year, and the “hard branch” was a plunge.

Li Hong, a researcher at the International Monetary Institute of Renmin University of China, said that the digital currency itself, at present, did not create the creation of social profits, more sources of speculation, the weakening of confidence will inevitably cause the retail sale, and the digital money market will continue to fall.

6, bit, launched a new crypto currency refinery in Washington

According to btcmanager news, bitcoin mining equipment manufacturers opened a $20 million new crypto currency mines in eastern Wenatchee area of Washington state in the United states. Bit, North American operations director Jeff Stearns said, when experiencing the bearish trend in the encryption of the currency market, bitcoin currency prices fell and the copycat is a great opportunity for the company.

7, bitcoin futures fell out of the end of two, a history of low

The United States in November 21st, two American exchange bitcoin futures contract closed up, but failed to re $4400, had to close for two consecutive days of record lows last week, fell about 14%, fell for three weeks.

The world’s largest futures exchange, the United States Chicago Institute (CME) bitcoin BTC January futures contract closed up more than 3.55%, to close at $4375, 20 fell more than 12.25%, to close at $4225, down more than 13.97% tired last week.

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