To build better than the ether square and super books of the public chain – the original force chain white paper officially released


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The block chain was born from China and Taiwan, and since 2009 there have been a variety of class-like chains that are based on the public chain chain, private chains in the past two or three years, and affiliated companies Chain has begun to flourish, forming a third of the world situation, but the development of today is still the public chain of the big situation. The public chain to ether as the representative of the Union chain is represented by super books. However, the current public chain and alliance chain each have their own user groups and can not communicate with each other, forming a fragment of information, and the market does not appear at the same time suitable for all user groups chain.n

nIn this context, the power chain (Hybrid Chain) came into being. Recently, the original Jinqiu block chain team to create the original force chain officially released white paper. By building an infrastructure that focuses on the chain of commercial blocks, the Force Chain is committed to being an incubator for many block-chain applications and block-chain applications, making it an excellent chain over Ethernet and Super Bowl.n
nIntegration of the advantages of the tower and the super bookn
nAt present, large enterprise groups mainly use the alliance chain, but with the rapid development of block chain technology, there will be enterprises to join the public chain, the enterprise application of different general application, in high performance, stability, security, maintainability and other characteristics There are very strict requirements, and the existing public chain technology platform is difficult to meet these needs.n
nForce chain team in the chain chain technology research and development of the actual process, aware of the current ether square and super books have their own problems. In addition, in practice, the alliance chain and the public chain in the deployment, the use of features there are some differences, the two will have some interaction. Public chain focus on individual users to use the simple, and the Union chain focus on member management, authority control, more emphasis on the characteristics of enterprise applications.n
nIn the white paper, the Force Chain team compared the strengths and weaknesses of the tower and super books.n

nForce team in the accumulation of years of experience in financial services, try to blend the advantages of the public chain and alliance chain and achieved some success, in order to enhance the user experience, in order to make block chain technology applications easier, faster popular, but also to Try to avoid duplication of manufacturing wheels and the development of the force chain. The Force Chain will strive to build a chain-chain infrastructure that can be applied to the Alliance and Common Chains so that block-chain technology applications are easier and faster to reach.n
nForce chain visionn
nThe vision of the original force chain is to build the future business block chain based on the establishment, whether it is the institutional users or individual users can be very convenient in the force chain to build their own smart contracts, block chain applications, and even another block chain.n
nEthernet Square to a certain extent, based on the computer application based on the basic settings, but the level is still very low, in particular, its smart contract can only be based on the status of other accounts on the chain or other intelligent contract status to trigger, and the ether square intelligence The contract will run once on all nodes, wasting a lot of money.n
nHowever, the model designed by the Force Chain team allows the chain to be opened up through the provision of a series of trusted data sources, in the reality of a specific event can be activated after the chain of intelligent contracts and intelligent applications. Application By setting the threshold, you can specify that the smart contract only executes on a small number of nodes, greatly saves the whole network computing power, and can also specify a small number of nodes for the transmission and storage of the main data, which makes the large data analysis and artificial intelligence operation Block chain applications become possible.n
nTechnical strength can be expectedn
nFrom the end of 2015, the Force Chain team began to study the block chain, 2016, 2017 block chain team in the block chain direction has accumulated a wealth of experience and industry resources. In terms of technology, the force chain chain is based on the advantages of block chain technology such as BTC, ETH and Fabric, and builds a unified chain technology infrastructure for individual users and enterprise users. Through the Force Chain technology platform, you can release new chains, digital assets, smart contracts, IOT, and other block chain applications, while agile integration with traditional centralized systems.n
nForce chain integrated the ether as the representative of the public chain and super books as the representative of the Union chain of many advantages, combined with its own in the chain at the bottom of the accumulation of years, forming its own eight core technology.n

nApplication areas, the Force chain will combine new technologies such as artificial intelligence, large data, virtual reality, robotics, Internet of things, cloud services, health care, transportation, IP, new energy vehicles, organic agriculture, distributed energy, fashion , Food, business, finance, games and other industries to promote landing applications.n
nApplication scene diversificationn
nIn the past two years time, the Force chain team with a number of industry enterprises, institutions and landing a number of block-chain projects, such as the construction of a local block based on the chain of small credit credit service platform, Based on the block chain to the centralized intelligent investment platform RobotABS, as well as for a financial institution to create a common integration platform. It can be seen that the team has accumulated a lot of practical experience in the actual development of the chain chain technology, which also laid the technical foundation for the diversified scenarios described in its white paper.n
nForce chain team revealed in the white paper, the future will be deep plowing industry development, for more application scenarios to provide a solid block chain infrastructure to enhance industry efficiency and reduce operating costs.n
nIn the financial sector, the Force Chain team has accumulated a wealth of experience in the application of the chain of chains in the financial sector over the past three years, with specific practices in credit, credit, asset securitization and supply chain finance.n
nIn health care, the Force chain will be combined with the industry and commercial promotion, effectively enhance the operation of the health care system, management efficiency, build integrity, traceability, transparency and safety of the medical security system.n
nIn terms of distributed energy, SPX (Smart Energy Exchange), based on the Force Chain Development, is committed to building a range of virtualized community energy through the construction of information platforms and the refactoring of business models the Internet.n
nIn the context of the Internet of Things, the Force Chain is dedicated to the ultimate realization of Things Autonomy, VALUE TRANSFER, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics technology integration. The Force Chain will provide a technical solution for the Distributed Charging Pile (DCP) and the Interactive Automomus Driving in the scenario.n
nIn addition, in the personalized needs of a strong fashion industry, the Force chain will be the industry’s design, sampling, production and other aspects of technical support to ensure that the product’s intellectual property rights, record changes in samples.n
nThe team recruited the eliten
nThe team, from China, Hong Kong and Singapore, has a wealth of blocks of chains, software, finance, automotive, energy, electricity, supply chain, fashion and advertising industries, technical skills deep, the future of various industries Of the floor has a profound understanding and extensive resources.n
nnHan Gen, the project leader. Jinqiu co-founder and CTO, led the company two years landing new three board, participated in the eight foreign banks of the central bank cross-border RMB payment CIPS system, more than 20 bank tax management platform and foreign exchange account FAL and other projects, Year launched starfish chain chain platform research and development, to help Jinqiu into the Ministry of Industry block chain technology standard governing units. Han Gang intended to serve as the Force Foundation of the Secretary-General, a comprehensive responsibility for the power of the chain of technology promotion and business floor.n
nnnZeng Linchuan, general manager of operations. The first regional chain of industry experts, the first in 2015 academic monograph “block chain – the new economic blueprint and the introduction of” one of the translation, the Ministry of Industry and the chain of the chain of technical standards for the preparation of members of the Group, Zhejiang Province, Director of the committee. 2017 and the famous American chain chain company Ripple and founder of Stellar Jed McCaleb partnership to create Gingpay. Zeng Linchuan will serve as general manager of the Force Foundation Foundation.n
nnnEmil Chen, Regional Director (Hong Kong). Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science from the Open University of Hong Kong and an MBA from the University of Iowa, Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Chain Chain Society. He is currently a lecturer at the SPACE E-Commerce and Finance Technology Lecturer at the Hong Kong University, Distinguished Lecturer of the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers and Hang Seng Business School, Chairman of the Hong Kong IBM Users Association. Mr. Emil will serve as Director of Asia Pacific Operations for Force Chain Community, where he is responsible for the technical community operations and commercial promotion of the Force Chain in the Asia Pacific region.n
nnnJay Lim, Regional Director (Singapore). Global foreign exchange trading and technology implementation consultants, more than 20 years of experience, has served Deutsche Bank, the Netherlands ING Bank, the Netherlands Bank and other multinational banks, foreign exchange trading center in China financial market foreign consultant, participated in China’s first electronic Implementation of Forex Trading System. Jay will use his international network of contacts and resources in Singapore to fully promote and enhance the user experience of the Force chain overseas customers, applications and solutions.n
nnnGao Xilin, director of R u0026 D. China’s senior block chain technology experts, the Ministry of Industry and China Chain Chain Technology and Industry Development Forum experts, Shenzhen Financial Technology Association technical adviser; for the ether square, Hyperledger and Corda’s public chain and alliance chain technology has a profound study. He has served as Director of China Software International, Linked Financial Technology Manager, Jinqiu R u0026 D Director, with 12 years of financial and Internet industry software architecture, design and management experience.n
nnnHuang Hao, architect and scientific adviser. Has more than 15 years of software development experience, former senior financial senior architect, Jinqiu shares chief architect. Engaged in the underlying structure of the block chain design, technology integration and system optimization and other research and development work, well versed in the block chain development. Ministry of Industry and China Chain Chain Technology and Industry Development Forum experts, Shenzhen Financial Technology Association technical adviser.n
nnnLi Zhiwen, block chain technology experts. Has a strong IT skills and overseas work experience; has served the United States Hewlett-Packard, the United Kingdom New World Fashion Group IT Director and Forevernew Group Asia-Pacific regional IT director. A senior developer of the domestic block chain technology, one of the founders of the first block chain application Eternal Proof, Stellar China Community Technology. He has served as Project Director of Shanghai Jinqiu Project, and has been the Director of Tax Management System of Bank of America and has been involved in the development of starfish chain.n
nnThe team also has distributed energy expert Lin Hailong, responsible for the power chain in the distributed energy and power landing promotion; artificial intelligence expert Tan Ying, responsible for the force chain in the field of artificial intelligence research and development; mobile payment expert Joey Lam (Hong Kong) , Responsible for the force chain in the southeast of the mobile payment business development; fashion industry expert Helen Nathanael (UK), for the force chain in the fashion industry application floor to provide professional support and industry resources docking.n


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