To buy bitcoin really night overnight?

Early buy bitcoin really has now earned pours, but after the purchase of the people will be more painful, because he has cut the falls, so to see you at what time to buy, if you buy in the early, by now you should earn a lot of money, the more to develop behind bitcoin and mining is more and more difficult.

So now buy bitcoin, you need to look 30 years after the price, but 30 years later, we still recognize bitcoin is not certain, so I think the risk of buying bitcoin is very big. Is the main countries about bitcoin, if bitcoin can compare with the actual transaction, then bitcoin is a very large appreciation prospects.

If the country does not recognize bitcoin bitcoin, so no practical use of any, it can not be used for offline consumption, use for bitcoin no actual is the most tragic. The first wave of bitcoin soared in 2013, risen from about $100 to $1000.

If this time period is the beginning of the year to buy, and has been held at the end of the year, selling up by 10 times. If it is minor, bought 10 of the play, even if you are 100 dollars to buy, sell 1999 yuan did not earn much money. Last year’s surge, the peak of nearly $200 million.

The above stages studied bitcoin, and made the median investment, they earn a lot of money, to achieve financial freedom is the National People’s congress. But it is also the last boom, let some people hurry admission fall on the roof. Now bitcoin prices less than 10000 dollars, fell by nearly 50% in the middle. At the beginning of the admission of the investment’s investment failure. Bitcoin and other digital currency is trading 10% is just a matter of a few hours, doubling may only need a few days.

It changes too fast, say those who buy bitcoins are now living like? Really flourishes? The answer is some night overnight, a few night fell down and was bankrupt. Digital currency investment and traditional financial and stock investment is not the same, see start again, although this may not necessarily be able to earn money.

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