To the dark moment! The price fell 45%, nearly $100 billion market value evaporated, bitcoin can not be saved?

In recent months, U.S. stocks experienced a series of slump. Last week, the Dow Jones index fell nearly 400, even the “5 technology giants” Amazon, Facebook, apple, Alphabet and Netflix are themselves, the average decline of nearly 5%. Analysts at Goldman sachs, Effect of U.S. stocks slump may last until the middle of next year, is expected to bring the negative impact of U.S. stocks will offset 0.8% of American GDP.

In addition to stop the falling price of U.S. stocks, commodities also appeared in “king of the crude oil prices fall. From the beginning of October $77, international oil prices all the way down to a low of $53 in November, fell nearly 30%, hit a rare 12 losing streak record.

However, even if U.S. stocks fell, oil prices down, far less than bitcoin “darkest moment” was terrible. So far this month, Bitcoin prices have fallen nearly 45% this time last year, bitcoin price of nearly $9500, now can barely hold $4000, nearly $100 billion market value evaporated.

Some people have calculated that, if the 2009 value of 3 million yuan to buy bitcoin, then to 2017, net worth can exceed the richest man in Chinese Xu jiayin. But the real story is a 180 degree reversal, has not appeared, but how many “richest man” is “There are plenty of people who even the principal are not being paid.

According to CCTV financial reports, one with 2000 ore miners revealed, At present, the price of bitcoin even enough to offset the electricity . Plus its iterative update speed is too fast, the beginning of the year the price of 2 million Taiwan mine, now 2000 yuan a can not sell out, a direct result of some small mines suffered mine, a large number of idle machine no one took over, only as scrap “sold on the pounds”.

Since the launch of bitcoin, “tulip bubble” and “Ponzi scheme” has been questioned, during bitcoin “death” 100 times, but each time the bitcoin hold down the cliff this time really fell, a bitcoin bubble burst? Can only say that smart stocks had to recover the investment, short oil, and early withdrawal from the currency circle, after all, in the flower drum pass of the game, who also don’t know whether it is the last of a fool.

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