“To the end”, the quality of the content passed to the customer – Pras project founder interview

nReporter: pencil leadn
nPrimas is an open content release, recommendation and trading ecosphere dedicated to the use of block chains and other technical means to change the existing content market structure, to solve the problem of high quality content is difficult to identify, spread and realize. Through the center of the content traceability and screening mechanism, so that users access to high-quality content.n
nFor the Primas project’s entrepreneurial story and technical characteristics, the chain chain pencil (chainB.com) interviewed the original CEO Wu Peng and CTO nectar. In the interview process, Wu Peng has been stressed:n
nn”From the beginning, we uphold the same goal, that is, to the quality of the content spread to the user, this is our values, the so – called” to the end “, this is our ultimate goal.n
nContact block chainn

nOriginally CEO: Wu Pengn
nIn 2015, Wu Peng access to the block chain technology, as has been studied wireless sensor network (distributed technology), he judged that this will be far-reaching impact on the future technology. Wu Peng said,n
nn”Whether it is the chain chain technology itself, or the industry partners, for me are full of attractive.”n
nnIn the district chain before the start, Wu Peng also had a similar entrepreneurial experience. At that time the establishment of the team and the entire product planning, are made by Wu Peng single-handedly. This experience, but also for his later in the chain chain to provide help.n
nTalking about the cooperation with Wu Peng, the original CTO nectar revealed to reporters, the first through the green tea browser know Wu Peng, and the browser is very important feature is the content recommended. When they use the neural network and collaborative filtering technology to create a set of content recommendation system,n
nn”The effect is also good, then the browser has hundreds of millions of users, and on-line content recommended system, the number of browser startup, the user’s active time has a substantial increase,n
nnBut at the same time they also found a lot of problems recommended by the algorithm, such as content quality issues, content copyright issues and so on. In 2015, they came into contact with the block chain. Through a year of deep understanding, they think the block chain technology and content industry can be combined to solve many of the industry’s chronic illness, so decided to do “original” this project, and later the original team launched the Primas.n
nThe original team culturen
nOn the entire team culture, the original CEO Wu Peng that the most important three points,n
nn”First, we hope that all members of the team have an active culture, all are self-driven, self-learning ability. Second, we believe that communication in the team is very important. Communication is to ensure that everyone knows Your goals and tasks, and then you can let everyone become the team’s locomotive, driving the team to move forward quickly.Third, we think it is shared.We can think of something interesting and valuable things to share more Because sharing is the most essential part of the Internet culture and will be something more valuable in the chain sector industry.n
nPrimas technical characteristicsn

nOriginally CTO: nectarn
nWhen it comes to the Primas project and the original distinction, the original CTO nectar explained that the original is mainly for the media, the enterprise side of this large enterprise, to provide them with solutions to solve copyright issues and circulation problems. There is also a question of how to let the reader see the better content, which was originally not involved.n
nMannose stressed,n
nn”Primas is the core of the establishment of a set of open and credible content metadata protocol, through the block chain can not be tampered with all the content to add a dimension of metadata, making the entire content on the Internet in the credibility of communication And the availability of a substantial increase.On this basis, Primas also want to build a decentralized content community, through the social recommendation of the way to make readers see more high-quality content, community incentives to make the original author and the community to contribute to the reader Can get enough economic returns. “n
nnAnother feature of Primas is the establishment of a content-based content evaluation system that does not rely on traffic to measure the quality of content.n

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