Toast company to raise 850 thousand dollars, into the bitcoin Market

Toast company to raise 850 thousand dollars, into the bitcoin Market


Singapore remittance start-up company Toast, Cryptosigma company known as before, and now turned to the bitcoin blockchain technology, reported the company has been in seed funding to raise $850 thousand (S $1 million 200 thousand).

The startup – seeking method can improve the Singapore Philippines employees — announced the remittance frequency heavy tree brand in a July article, and said the company is currently mainly to help solve the “invisible bitcoin” problem.

The article mentioned:

“We realize that bitcoin is so good, it is not suitable for the huge market, and we want to help build this market through the design of a product. This product will meet the following two conditions: A, solve a problem immediately (within ten years); B, “A” a lot of people encounter problems will be interested in this product.”

I graduated from Startupbootcamp, Toast will now allow consumers to download the intelligent mobile phone application software (because the software has shelves in Google electronics market), through the local offline travel card or bank account to their relatives in Philippines so to avoid the remittance, remittance agents using the traditional.

As a result, Toast will enter Philippines remittance market, in 2010 the world bank, Philippines is Asia’s second largest recipient countries in 2014, and the total remittances to Philippines accounted for the gross national product (GDP) 10%.

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