Today, Blockstack: Five applications have been developed on a centralized network

nnStreets comment: Block chain architecture Entrepreneurship company Blockstack With a truly free and open Internet vision, its platform has become the basis for many other areas of the project. Because the platform can defend against network attacks, providing developers with technical and financial support.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nBlock Chain Architecture Venture Company Blockstack’s vision is truly free and open to the Internet.n
nThe idea behind this vision is that users should not be trapped in a particular application, but should be free to choose from a variety of applications and not at the expense of control.n
nCo-founder Muneeb Ali recently discussed that large Internet participants exercised too much power on the user, which is the area where Blockstack wanted to change.n
nAlthough the vision sounds utopian, the company has let developers believe that developing applications on its platform to solve the problem can solve this problem. In other words, reliable storage of a large number of customer data, enough to protect the traditional digital services inherent network vulnerabilities.n
nBlockstack development partner Patrick Stanley said:n
nn”Now the application is much faster than we expected, and we have 200 applications on the platform, so there is a lot of interest in the development of the platform, especially the investment in these applications.”n
nnPart of the reason is that the platform allows developers to move between different chain chains, but the infrastructure also requires a lot of work, from security mechanisms to future payment plug-ins, the company is already building, allowing developers to focus on core business Then
nAnother reason is that Blockstack has recently tried to provide development funds for entrepreneurs.n
nIn August, the company announced a $ 2,500 financing, supported by companies such as Lux Capital, Rising Tide Capital, to support developers and plans to launch a series of “XPRIZE” projects to reward developers who provide transformational chain services.n
nAlthough the company is not ready to disclose the use of incentive projects and investors to use the object, the current developers in the Blockstack platform to let us see what the platform will complete the project.n

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nOne of the most well-known projects related to Blockstack, going to the center of the market OpenBazaar is not built on Blockstack, but one of its main features depends on the platform.n
nSam Patterson, co-founder of OB1, which established OpenBazaar, said OpenBazaar used the Blockstack platform to name its merchant store, marking user-friendly identifiers.n
nn”Just like the Bitcoin address is a random string, the OpenBazaar store is a random string. This is not user friendly and nobody can remember the string.”n
nnBut with Blockstack, businesses can turn strings into user-friendly names, such as Ski Shop.n
nPatterson also said that other options were considered before OpenBazaar chose Blockstack, but all options were limited. The market is not only considering building its own system, but also tried the etherbox naming system and some other.n
nPatterson said,n
nn”The final conclusion is not enough to go central or not user-friendly, or the existence of time is not long enough, inconvenient to use.”n
nnPatterson said that the most financing of $ 4.2 million OB1 in the preparation of the 2.0 version of the market, will be “fully adjusted”, allowing users to start by the end of August beta test. The development process uses IPFS to limit the adjustments made to the store off the assembly line and will include the Tor function.n
nCasa, which is built entirely on Blockstack, is a centralized housing sharing agreement that allows users to book rooms through Bitcoin.n
nFounder Jeremy Welch said, Casa decided to use Blockstack because of its scalability, compared with other networks, the platform is more suitable because it can handle millions of users.n
nn”The Blockstack team is designed and built to upgrade applications and serve hundreds of millions of users, which are unmatched by other block-chain technologies, and the ICO network is very congested and simply does not have a full-fledged application program”.n
nnAnd Blockstack’s existing user base includes early adopters.n
nBedkin’s company has already invested in early investment companies such as Precursor Ventures and will release the agreement next month.n

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nThe Afia platform helps people better manage personal health data.n
nIts founder said that the application allows individuals to better control medical data and save medical records in personal encrypted cloud storage.n
nAfia’s Ani Agajanyan said, “Because users have their own storage space through Blockstack’s Gaia storage system, we do not have to worry about losing public information or being taken by a third party.”n
nCloud storage can only be decoded using the Blockstack Personal ID private key to comply with the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act regarding medical data data security and privacy terms.n
nThe platform also eliminates the need to fill in the same information for each new service provider, giving the user more control over the time and manner in which information is shared.n
nBecause Agajanyan hopes that the app will “be forever”, Blockstack and its virtual chain technology can make app not dependent on a single block chain, so it is the perfect choice.n
nGuild envisioned the future is the server less, completely to the center of the open source blog, eliminating the restrictions imposed by other centralized blog networks.n
nIt’s like going to the central version of Medium, this item seems to attract Blockstack’s XPRIZE supporters (Guild will participate in this award item).n
nUnion Square Ventures partner Albert Wenger confirmed that he will invest in this project based on the block chain based on the blog platform, early Twitter Investor Naval Ravikant also interested in investing in the popular microblogging site block chain replacement project.n
nGuild developer Jay Hwang believes that the company’s choice of Blockstack, the decision to build a centralized application is to give users more control.n
nn”Create a decentralized blogging platform that allows users to publish their favorite blogs, even if the content is controversial.”n
nnn”Because the content is stored in the place specified by the author, not on the Guild server, Guild has no right to remove the blogs they do not recognize, and it transfers the rights from the hands of today’s Internet dictators to the hands of individual users.”n
nOngaku Ryohon

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nThe centering media player Ongaku Ryoho also follows the trend, allowing the user to control all personal data.n
nThis app connects music and user-selected cloud storage, allowing artists to upload music at zero platform fees and download it.n
nThe music industry and its numerous brokers have become the target of chain-chain entrepreneurs, and Slovenia’s start-up company Viberate is trying to draw the attention of well-known investors such as Charlie Shrem and Pinterest chief scientist Jure Leskovec.n
nBut Steven Vandevelde of Ongaku Ryoho said the company distinguishes this control with other companies.n
nn”There are very few music books that allow users to control all the data, and I say all the data is really all the data, such as playlists, favorite music and music folders.”n
nnAs to why Closed Blockstack, Vandevelde:n
nn”I like their idea of ​​data and identity, and the way they turn these ideas into reality, although it is very early, but it is easy to integrate the authentication layer into the app.”n

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