Today, the highest point of the first anniversary of bitcoin!

This day last year, December 17, 2017, bitcoin reached the highest point in history: $19142.

So far, it is still the highest point in history, the bitcoin price of $3280, a decrease of approximately 83%. (source: CoinMarketCap)

Last winter like this cold, but because of soaring encryption currency price, block chain into the public view showing a hot trend.

Suddenly, a year away from the highest point, bitcoin plunged, creating a continuous low, block chain in this year has undergone enormous changes, deep as the chain industry observers, recording and thinkers, published hundreds of articles in depth articles.

How should we look at the past year, the bubble burst, the carnival ended? Washed, or flashy rational return? Everyone will have their own judgment and answer. But in the past year what happened, perhaps can follow the deep chain post, through some keywords, review this past 2018.

Key words: three o’clock

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Xu Xiaoping shouted, “embrace the blockchain just as we open the door to door really curious, block chain into public view is three community.

Faith, subversion, revolution, mathematics, philosophy and theology, although the three o’clock discussion although vague and difficult, with carnival means, but undeniable is has certain enlightenment significance of these discussions, it let more people begin to understand and recognize the value chain block.

Of course, since three o’clock, we also see the long silent Chen Weixing Xue Manzi return; the other famous, become the hottest areas of the blockchain opinion leaders who build community; three o’clock jade red from red to the game circle chain block. Since then, the block chain cold bustling.

A year later, because of XMX, jade red from red to black, Chen Weixing and Li Xiaolai chunqiangshezhan, lane of the battle, Xue Manzi in Japan, there is no public voice. Although the red jade still in the three APP crying hard, but this sign can return to the past?

Keywords: Scam

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Block chain technology imagination is attracted many believers, but the huge wealth effect also let the crooks on stage.

In this year, witnessed the deep chain of every hue scam, have cast Juankuan run away no news after 90, one day to sell coins in MLM entrenched diffuse coffee aunt, a small video beauty seduce liar project, and create false news to call a single hand cut chives……

When the bull market claiming to be value coins, wish you a hundred times return; bear directly remove the disguise, respect their own funds disk, a week can be returned in two weeks on the double. Although the dark chain has done a lot of disclosure reports also remind investors cautious investment, but there are always people fooled. Any test of human game will not succeed, because each when people think of themselves will not be cheated that.

In 2018 the blockchain, a liar and a believer like dance for joy.

Keywords: gangster

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In February, Ann founder Zhao Changpeng boarded the Forbes coin, a time caused a sensation, other chiefs also pay more attention to the field block chain. Deep have also written Zhao Changpeng chain, Li Lin, Xu Mingxing, Wu Jihan, Zhong Bao such as a public encryption currency heavyweights.

In the past in crypto currency areas, many chiefs are the cause of failure or frustration. Xu Mingxing and Li Lin for entrepreneurship but not very successful, master Bao more grassroots, is a sell beef. But it is these losers now occupy the top of the food chain chain block.

They each have the same characteristics: full of curiosity for new things, have strong learning ability, open-minded, restless, persevere, of course, a very important point, desire for success and wealth.

In the past year, Wu Jihan and bit, through the mill and the BCH bifurcation listed unsalable, uncertain and so a lot of troubles; master Bao is in the FCoin call and never had their own video; Zhao Changpeng led the money in overseas kaijiangtuotu, settled in Malta; Li Lin in the regulation of rectification of fire currency, domestic seeking to survive severe; and to “give all countries” the star still ruin who pursued xu.

Next, big brother will be good?

Keywords: Project

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In 2018, a huge air blockchain, tens of thousands of projects have emerged. Exchange, chain, wallet, games, social networking and so on, each subdivision track has a different project, deep chain and also a lot of projects have close contact.

Some projects steadily, develop their own community and ecology, and regularly updated weekly code; some projects even white paper are looking for someone to write or not to write, only to send money money; there are also some projects delivered, started shouting down with a giant, subvert an industry, but soon disappeared; in addition many projects still exist the problems of serious homogenization of opaque information and business model is not clear.

Block chain is still a very young industry, has a broad imagination, can carry out various exploration and attempt. But for the industry to maintain good, less some slogan, some more.

Keywords: 90

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Block chain to 90 a chance to turn the tables.”

If the Internet, mobile Internet is 70 and 80 of the world, so in the block chain, 90 occupy an important position.

Over the past year, regardless of the secondary market, the project funds or PR company, are active in 90 figure. Deep contact and chain also reported many 90 in this field. Such as Sun Yuchen put an air into the market development project No. 10 90, but also because of money to play the contract after being forced to escape in the night of the explosion in Kampuchea after 90, more didn’t graduate from college just thinking about RMB quanqian 90.

Young people love all love all in in, but people tend to be those who have no chips. One year, deep witnessed by the fiery market chain become desolate, also witnessed a number of 90 after you leave, it is hard to say whether they had faith, because one day they may market well again.

Block chain may give a chance to lift the table after 90, but the premise is that you must have the ability to set off the table.

Keywords: Business

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Blockchain hot 2018 years, around the block chain and encryption currency spawned a lot of industry segments, deep chain has been concern and reports.

On the one hand, block chain industry mill production, mine, exchange, block chain project, from the aspects of all kinds of it, including training, investment, quantitative trading, arbitrage, pledge of assets, moving bricks OTC, pull out the wool and so on, there are no less gray industry.

Look deep in the chain, where the money will have the business, these small business together with the industry together constitute the ecological industry chain blocks, as long as the existence of block chain industry, they will be there.

Keywords: Policy

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Block chain and its value behind Yu Internet era means, not only to attract investors and entrepreneurs, also attracted local governments. Although the government supervision of the crypto currency are more and more tight, but for the blockchain is to actively embrace a little more accurate, can be said to “grab” block the chain of highland.

Over the past year, many provinces and cities have introduced a series of policies and measures, hoping to become the “chain of blocks”. In their view, who took the high ground, who may be able to usher in the spring of development, occupy a space for one person in the fierce competition in the provinces.

Block chain policies and specific measures of deep combing the various provinces and municipalities, found basically the same. The establishment of industrial parks, innovation base and platform to attract enterprises and talents, set up incentive measures to give financial subsidies or tax breaks for block chain enterprises, setting up a research centre block chain to promote the combination of production……

Block chain may be a chance, but how to seize this opportunity, the government did not want to know.

Keywords: air

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Block chain is 2018 years in the air, but there are also some block chain small outlet: EOS super node campaign, transaction currency reform, mining, STO etc..

In April, EOS super node election lively like Super Girls strong attention to individuals and institutions, and actively participate in the massive influx of funds, the media, let the price of EOS from mid March 30 yuan up to 130 yuan, also let this campaign to become a strong heart when the currency agent.

In June, FCoin was born. Half a month’s time to occupy the global exchange volume list, the price of FT also increased by nearly a hundred times. Exchange giant “siege”, copying who follow, “the transaction is mining exchange currency reform, then blossom everywhere, chain STO and other kinds of air, but soon calm.

EOS super node campaign, FCoin trading and mining destined engraved in the big book block chain 2018 years, but if anyone thought, when we are in the pursuit of these air end in the pursuit of what?

Keywords: circle

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In the deep concern of the industry chain at the same time, is also concerned about the people living in them.

In the past year, engaged in the blockchain fellow people slowly together, showing a trend of development cooperation, heating, forming a circle of Shanghai, Changsha coins help help, help the different circle of fujian.

Take Changsha as an example, after the block chain fire, a number of local people Changsha founded the Hunan block chain alliance, want to unite together to the Hunan development block chain technology, alliance members including government workers, private entrepreneurs, once financial practitioners etc.. Together they participated in preparatory activities, EOS super node election. In their own words, in rural areas, people had to hold together around the fire.

In this new block chain problems in the industry, he is very bright torch.

Key words: Winter

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With winter approaching, the money market has become more and more cold encryption. Deep in the chain has been reported and paid attention to the market trend and dynamic, is also keen to capture the changes in the industry.

From the end of 2017 to now, the market has been down in the digital currency bitcoin, from the highest point of $19 thousand to $more than 3200, from the highest point of the etheric square is $1400 to $more than 80, in the eyes of many people, the money market has entered the encryption the most critical moment this year, accompanied by a bear to leave a number of project failures and some people.

On the arrival of the bear market, the most important reason is the blockchain as you can’t expect successful landing, bitcoin could not find the cornerstone of its value.

When will the successful application of block chain, when the bear market will draw a full stop, which we can make nothing of it. But we can be sure of is: first, the block chain has a bright future, second, the development of any new technology will experience a long dark.

Deep chain as industry observers, recording and thinkers will continue to adhere to in the winter.

Note: This is a deep Deepchain original chain. Without authorization, prohibit unauthorized reprint.

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