Tokyo Financial Exchange plans to launch bitcoin futures

nStorms commentary: CBOE and CME their respective bitcoin futures product launch date is approaching, this news also inspired similar exchanges in other regions to try. Currently, the Tokyo Financial Exchange has announced plans to launch Bitcoin futures and has formed a working group to conduct a special study. This fully reflects the popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchains in Japan is still continuing to heat up.n
nTranslation: Inan
According to reports, a futures exchange in Tokyo will be the first step in the distribution of bitcoin-related products.n
Bloomberg News reported on December 5 that the Tokyo Financial Exchange has set up a working group to begin early work on the launch of cryptocurrency-related futures contracts. Bloomberg said the move will be the first step in pushing Japan to change its national bill to pave the way for Bitcoin futures.n
Tokyo Futures Exchange CEO Tomita three disclosed the news in a press conference on December 1, saying the exchange wanted to move quickly while awaiting regulatory approval.n
Mr. Ota said:n
n”As long as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act recognizes cryptocurrencies as financial products, we will launch the relevant futures products as soon as possible. For this reason, the working group we set up will carry out various studies including the current status of Bitcoin, prospects and How it will take root in Japanese society. “n
nGiven that CME and CBOE are about to launch similar products in the United States, it may come as no surprise that the Tokyo Financial Exchange will try. According to previous reports, CBOE’s bitcoin futures will be available later this Sunday, and a week later, CME products will also be available.n

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