Tom Ding’s Fantasy Drifting: The Story of DFINITY’s Joint Creator


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n72 hours survival competition with “China’s future Bill Gates”n
nIn 1999, Shanghain
nDo not know how many people and the chain pencil (, remember the year of September that carried out the famous “72 hours of Internet survival contest.” Shanghai dreamer Chinese network at the time of the red pole of the 8848 site under the auspices of the surprise to engage in an Internet survival contest: from the national Internet users to take online registration online voting elected by 12 people, by the organizers to provide relative Closed space and 1,500 yuan per person in electronic money and 1,500 yuan in cash, so that testers rely solely on a computer, from the Internet to buy food and daily necessities to maintain 72 hours of survival. “Hope that through the network to survive such a personal experience of the extreme way to verify the status of China ‘s network development and the future.n
nThe game was attracted more than 5,000 people to register, which has an 11-year-old juvenile impression that the staff is particularly profound. The child named Ding Lei, he rode his bike rushed to the suburbs of the Department of Dreamers home company, with a series of fluent English self-introduction, the media is so reported the scene:n
nn”When asked how he prepared to use 3,000 yuan of electronic money, Ding Lei said, to give their younger brother and sister to buy some toys they have never played, never eaten things, buy a lot of computer professional books, he listed Out of the long list of books to the staff eye – catching.n
nnDing Lei’s performance so that his staff admiration, and even prompted them to write an article published to the network, the title is called “he is China’s future Bill Gates?” “n
nIn fact, when Ding Lei is a well-known “child prodigy”. In the father’s training, 8-year-old began to master English; text can Wu, won the Shanghai martial arts competition children’s group third; 9-year-old has begun to learn to repair software and crack password; 10-year-old prepared stock software; , Then got the Shanghai University of Foreign Languages ​​English diploma; 13-year-old successfully out of the Fudan University computer professional 14 undergraduate self-study courses; the same year, won the Shandong University computer information management undergraduate diploma, graduation thesis outstanding; 14 years old Entrepreneurship, the establishment of their own name of the company, to create a college student software development practice base … …n
nYes, Ding Lei finally did not be Internet users vote into the “72 hours of Internet survival contest.” Of the 12 people who had the privilege of participating in the match, 11 passed the test and one failed. Contest attracted the public on the new things at that time the concern of the Internet, the direct product is the birth of a large number of shopping sites. However, for the late 90s of the Internet entrepreneurs, it is not a good answer “there is a supermarket downstairs, why need online shopping” this problem, so these sites have been closed down soon after. Among them, including the chain of chain pencil ( in Shanghai Jiaotong University students set up a.n
nWith the age of growth, “child prodigy” is also gradually no longer suitable for Ding Lei, 18-year-old read the MBA in Central Europe; closed his own start-up company, he has included in Alibaba, including a number of technology companies were removed Service, gradually fade out of the media and people’s attention.n
nFrom technical male to block chain evangelistn
n2014, San Franciscon
nTom Ding, senior product manager at ebay, decided to make the most important change in career planning. Tom Ding is Ding Lei, in 2010 he joined in Shanghai, the famous Internet giant, then was transferred to the United States, has been fast for four years before and after. This is his most engaged in a job, product management is also explored after the most suitable for their own jobs. However, he still can not avoid the kind of time from time to time the emergence of a sense of boredom.n
nAt that time, the electricity industry in the initial after the vigorous development, has gradually entered a stable period. Take Tom Ding’s words, “may sleep five years later woke up and found that the difference is nothing more than the time with the shortening of the day, or from Jiangsu and Zhejiang 包邮 development to the national 包邮, there is no real change.”n
nWhere is the direction of your next business?n
nAt this time, he remembered the reading of the book in the Cong’s “Bitcoin white paper”, this inspired many people, and opened a new field of the article, Tom Ding on its description is “scared of Heaven” The With the deep understanding of digital money and block chain technology, Tom Ding began to contact the community and participated in a number of block chain industry activities, more and more aware of the chain chain technology has revolutionary significance.n
nHe began to ask himself a question: why our industry is not so interesting? Which eventually led him to join the chain chain business.n
nn”I would rather read the bitterness, do not want to deal with people, so tired and tired. If you want to find someone to speak, go to the online chat room, do not want to speak, turn off the ‘cat’ on it.n
nnLooking at this year’s media interview, it’s hard to connect it with Tom Ding now. This former technology otaku is now one of the most famous blockbank technology evangelists, including the joint production of Blockchain University, the world’s first block-chain university, and the combination of leading digital money pooling platforms Founder.n
nTom Ding believes that many traditional industry people, the block chain is understood as “not a distributed book technology Well. Many computers run a database, improve security and reliability, reduce the cost of operation and maintenance, data exchange between partners It is easier, but essentially an IT tool, “which is a very narrow view.n
nIn his view, the block chain is the basis of the next generation of the Internet, will profoundly change the existing production relations. We know that the three basic elements of a production relationship are the ownership of production tools, the relationship between man and man in production and business activities, and the distribution system. Tom Ding is convinced that once the block chain technology is really popular, then the owner of the means of production from a company to the whole of the Internet. People and the relationship between people has become a simple supply and demand match, do not need a third party intermediary. Which in turn leads to a change in the distribution of benefits arising from business and ultimately the promotion of new productive forces.n

nTom Ding

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