Tongji Financial Technology Research Institute launched a chain of chain training courses


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nThe current block market and ICO are very hot, but the real understanding of the block chain technology, but not many people. Data base development, take the initiative to improve the theoretical system and applied to the actual process of the block chain technology development and application of talent in the development of the industry a serious shortage. Emerging areas of demand for block chain expertise have been far higher than the supply of talent, such as financial services and retail.n
nIt is reported that some foreign universities have opened a block chain course. In the United States, Stanford University and other colleges and universities in the special currency and encrypted currency courses have begun two years. University of California at Berkeley and MIT also offer similar courses. There are also many Internet courses, many of which are free. Educational technology company Coursera works with Princeton University to provide 11 weeks of encrypted currency technology courses. In Europe, the University of Edinburgh plans to become the first major European university to start a chain-chain course.n
nMany domestic universities also have a corresponding layout, but the formal higher education needs 3-4 years of time, for the current demand for talent, “far from the water can not save the fire.”n
nIn response to this situation, Tongji University will devaluation coaching block chain training classes, is expected to open classes in August. Tongji University block chain training courses include five modules, namely: block chain technology and industry development, the ether square, super book, POC “coach” development of real combat and TOP block chain company visit exchange.n
nOn the characteristics of the Tongji University block chain training class, the chain chain pencil ( interviewed the vice president of Suzhou Tongji Financial Technology Research Institute Li Fei. Suzhou Tongji Financial Technology Research Institute is a comprehensive platform for Tongji University and Suzhou government to provide services such as block chain evaluation, research and development, training and industry incubation.n
nLi Fei said: “Tongji this block chain training project is the most prominent feature of 64 hours of systematic” coach “practical type of course students will be from the block chain of technical principles, industry status, development prospects, practical learning And the key technology of the super-books and the super-books, to master the development examples of several industry application scenarios, to carry out the domestic block chain enterprises to visit, and finally to achieve by the instructor from the bottom of the technical platform to the construction of the underlying structure of the actual operation of the instructor in addition to Tongji University Of the experts and experienced experience in the area chain area engineers, but also the industry ‘s top coffee face – to – face exchange.n
nAccording to reports, Tongji University block chain training class has a number of industry veteran as a mentor, including Suzhou Tongji Financial Technology Research Institute, Tongji University Professor Ma Xiaofeng, Ministry of Industry and Chain Technology and Industry Development Forum Secretary-General Zhou Ping, former Shanghai Vice president of the stock exchange CTO white and so on.n
nIn addition, students will be free of charge for the Institute of the organization’s salon, forums, lectures and other information to build a lifelong learning community. The resume of the trainees will be directly entered into the talent pool of the domestic chain enterprises, and the recommendation of the job or internship is obtained. Participants will be organized to participate in various block chain competition and hacker marathon, show the results of learning. In the future, more outstanding innovations will likely be supported by investment and incubators.n
nFor the block chain of personnel training status quo, Li Fei that the block chain as a new technology, the rapid development of the industry is currently the biggest bottleneck is the talent problem. Now the block chain technology talent in the market in a scarce state, the construction of infrastructure, take the initiative to improve the theoretical system and applied to the actual process of the elite will be hard to find.n
nHe said, “At present, in the talent pool, China’s higher education system has not appeared in the relevant professional, we can expect the future with the further development of financial technology, institutions within the school may appear to major categories of financial science and technology. However, these professional settings change takes time, while the industry can not wait, so outside the system training is necessary and urgent need; the face of people who are now eager to enter the chain chain industry, there is no doubt that systematic training is its effective and rapid access to industry The threshold of the pass. “n
nAccording to the Suzhou Tongji Financial Technology Research Institute survey, the current market block chain training courses are more dispersed, the content focused on the block chain technology and industrial analysis. However, the industry calls for the development of real-life talent through a development environment and a test environment. From this point of view, the Institute hopes to play their own resources, the introduction of “coach” practical training, training area chain elite, boost the chain of healthy and sustainable development.n
nregister information n
nTongji University block chain talent training courses are currently enrolled.n
nThe cost of the first course of the project is RMB 10,800 yuan (including training fee, lecture fee, venue fee, lunch expenses during school class, tea break and other related expenses).n
nClass location in Tongji University Siping Road campus, Shanghai cloud base.n
nSpecific registration method, please call the 24-hour direct call 18051218338 or add WeChat assistant tjfintech123.n

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