Too horrible to look at! After bitcoin prices fell from diving, “handsome” become the “grass root”

Bitcoin visibility is high, but has been a minority population in the operation of investment. Today, bitcoin continued to decline, for the general public, and not what effect. But for the coin ring game player, bitcoin from nearly $20 thousand, fell to nearly $4000. Price change is so fierce, instantly from “heaven” to “the world”, or even “hell”.

What is a bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency, or virtual currency, was born in the year of 2008. It is running in the bitcoin community, does not belong to any countries and institutions, and gold as a total limit, the total bitcoin is defined in the 2100 million, can not subject to geographical control exchange. Jointly controlled by all users, but also has anonymity.

Bitcoin is the biggest characteristic of no intermediate institutions, all transactions are both directly related. The transaction process like email, bitcoin wallet address and similar e-mail mailbox and email address. When the transaction, in accordance with the bitcoin address directly to the others in the wallet, I need digital signature of the transferor, to ensure account security. Bitcoin account is open to the public, in accordance with the transaction history, can be found in the original owners.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, can buy virtual goods, such as clothing, game equipment. You can also pay compared to traditional bank remittance, transnational remittances, has the advantages of low cost, short time advantage. A lot of game player optimistic bitcoin prospects, have to follow suit ones, bitcoin is rising, unlimited scenery. In the 2014 years to 2017 years, bitcoin ushered in the true glory, worth up to 600 times, to achieve “a coin villa” realm. A lot of money to the game player and ring wards, to achieve financial freedom.

Two, why bitcoin dropped so fierce?

1. regulatory policy

Digital currency as an emerging industry, there is no pre supervision system perfect, governments now for digital currency to strengthen supervision, the securities and Exchange Commission for two encryption monetary items for punishment. The central bank announced in 2017 that it is engaged in the bitcoin transactions are illegal financial, and closed domestic trading venues.

2. continuous hard bifurcation

For 10 years, bitcoin has spawned numerous big and rich, and constantly branching off new currency bitcoin cash. While bitcoin cash and forking out BitcoinABC and BitcoinSV. Bitcoin trading volume is bigger, the original algorithm has been unable to meet the needs of investors, ABC chain Macao Nakamoto and Wu Jihan factions have supported expansion of the dispute. This is the key reason for the decline, from two super gangster Auburn and Wu Jihan Cong zapan.

A similar war appeared in the first branch of bitcoin bitcoin cash, is expected to fluctuate with luxuriant foliage does not appear, even. As part of the bitcoin community to dig for the new currency, bitcoin is naturally reduced. Bitcoin has been monopolized by the few, as long as a big fight, very prone to rise or fall, but the two chiefs chose to sell the old coins at the same time, caused by falling.

3. investors

The Fed rate hike, people will save money on the market bank, cash flow less, is unfavorable for investment products. But bitcoin motionless on the bifurcation, market volatility, hit investor confidence. Now, the price change radically, in order to stop, investors are more willing to sell, resulting in vicious spiral.

Three, who is the bitcoin fell victim?

1. coin ring game player

Bitcoin currency continued to fall, circle game player is directly affected by the impact of people. The central bank policy 17 years ago, fell in the protection of domestic investors. A lot of money thanks to the country to give ring game player policy guidance, escaped. Even so, only the domestic game player on the loss of 160 million. As can be imagined, much impact on the currency of the.

Some people are happy people worry, Mr. Wang said: “the Hangzhou game player ability is very important, but the opportunity is more important, the opportunity came, how the money to do not know! There have been many times around a lot of cash, even sold last year, the average cash 50 million. Just one year, the carrying amount of the funds left from 10 million to one hundred thousand level change “. In the famous forum, everywhere in the tragic than in 2017, follow the trend of currency into the circle of friends, in 100 thousand, only 2000 have been made, some friends of money directly declared bankruptcy”.

2. bitcoin mining industry

On bitcoin mining machine, it is Starving people fill the land. Ore prices plummeted, some small mines have been declared bankrupt. Once 70% bitcoin is from Chinese, Huaqiang North business provides about 90% of the global machine to machine game player selling models, the price of 10 thousand yuan, the explosion of S9 ore price 20 thousand yuan, the highest until 35 thousand, even to buy.

At the beginning of this year, bitcoin began to fall, Mr. Zhao for money ring is not enough to understand, look at the S9 price down. As early as that bitcoin will rise again, took the opportunity to hoard a pen, intends to sell back. The market crash, only at a sale, do micro business selling mobile phone accessories. S9 is now in the official price of 3000 yuan, the second-hand price has dropped to 1500 yuan.

And many of the small mine mining selling coins is not worth the expenditure, facing bankruptcy, mine circle is spread out on the pounds that video. But some people still insist on currency circle, low-cost recycling second-hand machine, this is the opposite, helpless choice, the use of space for time. Who can predict the future? Of course, mine is illegal in China, the country has banned.

3. and its suppliers

Bitcoin market shrinking machine is no longer needed. The corresponding graphics and other machine parts demand is reduced, the vendors are already early to seize the opportunity to make money, after adding businesses may be affected will be deeper.

4. similar currency

Is bitcoin “avalanche” effect, investors are more cautious about digital currency, once the market value of the top ten, Ethernet coins, reboxetine currency fell.

Four, bitcoin is the future?

Bitcoin through this round of crash crash, once the currency circle’s richest man Li Xiaolai has announced the switch in September, currency circle chiefs other is quiet down. Many industry insiders have expressed pessimism, occupy the mainstream. Analysts predict the micronaire, bitcoin will continue to fall, could fall below $1500.

The human is not to have the wealth of networks, nor to most people can accept, also can not become reality. This is like a fantasy novel contribution value as in the door, only in this case the door exchange items, but not as common as spar. For investors, there is hope for a digital currency? In this regard, the British “Financial Times” published an article in November 26th, this is not the end of the collapse of bitcoin, the digital currency. Although the future of bitcoin currency dreams, but to provide a basis for future digital encryption currency currency.

Ten years, bitcoin from the “handsome” become a “grass root” profiteering has become the past, the past is a story, are also frustrated. Despite questions about bitcoin has not stopped, even Warren Buffett speech: digital currency will not have a real value of their investments is a speculation. Bitcoin is still under scrutiny for ten years, created countless wealth myth, ten years after the collapse of bitcoin faith, follow-up will be going? In this regard, what do you think?

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