Too horrible to look at bitcoin, a stable currency

 Too horrible to look at bitcoin, a stable currency

In November 14th, bitcoin cash (BCH) hard the day before the official launch of the bifurcation, crypto currency industry experienced a trading day this year, do not accept the worst retort.

Bitcoin prices again fell to historic lows, yes, you are not wrong again.

But if you look a little carefully, will find an area with the overall market performance is exactly the opposite, even showing a growth trend of this area is to stabilize the currency pegged to the dollar, these assets usually have very strong encryption resistance to volatility, investors also seek shelter from the storm.

11 June 14 encryption currency bad days, good days and stable currency?

This day fall in the market, any contrarian profits, encryption assets will be welcomed. However, when the encryption of assets is a stable currency market to stabilize, investors seemed to suddenly feel confused and do not know how to do. Bitcoin prices have reached the lowest point since the 2017 year 10 month 24 day, with the mainstream currency decline, leading to the encryption money market a groaning.after — but the only winner was stable money a lot of people do not think!

When the whole market is confused, increase of anchor legal currency assets will demand encryption.

 Too horrible to look at bitcoin, a stable currency

In the encrypted currency exchange currency with TureUSD (TUSD), the price has reached $1.07, while Paxos (PAX) prices also followed, currently about $1.05. In 158 kinds of encryption currency asset trading platform shelves in the two stable currency products are digital tokens of the largest increase, prices rose nearly 15%, other encryption currency appeared in up to two digit decline. In November 14th, TUSD has become the sixth most popular currency assets security exchange, trading volume reached 2659 BTC, other encryption currency exchange is similar to that of Gemini Dollar (GUSD) stable currency price is more than $1.03.

Tether/BTC “risk premium”

Every time when the money market suffered heavy losses when encryption, there will be a situation of all encryption Tether stable currency exchange currency trading on the price of bitcoin will be based on “premium”, the industry has also been called the “risk premium”. The reason for this situation, mainly because some encrypted currency traders and investors to hold Tether (USDT) is not trust, even in a period of extreme price volatility, encryption currency exchange that use USDT bitcoin transactions on the price, often don’t he the encryption currency exchange $300.

 Too horrible to look at bitcoin, a stable currency

In the past month, Tether price volatility has been relatively large, once prices fell to $0.88 from $1 for the anchor. In order to promote the encryption currency traders restore confidence in USDT Tether today (November 15th) issued a notice of guidelines and recommendations:

USDT is an important encryption currency, because it is conducive to trade, access to the encrypted most money market liquidity in the transaction…… Not only that, the most important link between USDT encryption is also a lot of currency exchange, thanks to its stable price, allow investors more effective in arbitrage between legal currency and non statutory currency trading “.

At the time of this writing, encryption stable currency trading price in the currency market most pegged to the dollar more than $1. But there are a few exceptions, such as BitUSD in Openledger DEX only encrypted currency exchange transactions, resulting in the transaction price is in 11 month 14 days fell to $0.83, but now has been restored to $0.97. Another stable currency Dai trading price dropped below $1 yesterday in a short period of time, the minimum trading price of $0.97.

Nevertheless, the transaction price performance on the market more liquidity to stabilize the currency is very admirable, 14 market pressure 11 month has created a premium space for stable currency. Although many traders are paying close attention to bitcoin bitcoin cash (BTC) and (BCH), but careful investors also began to secretly observe the TUSD, USDT and GUSD of these stable currency.

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