Top hackers stole confession: dig bitcoin millionaire

Top hackers stole confession: dig bitcoin millionaire

The world can be called top hackers, only a few hundred people. They are the children of God, to obtain an open network in the world the key to the door, to see the ultimate secret network of the world.


Their names do not appear in the so-called “top hackers list”, their own technology in the world is low-key, like a recluse, concentrated practice.


They are called “God”, the network world aspect arena, arbitrary. But in reality, they are still mortal grinding by reality.

They were hacking enthusiasts, but in the interest of the entrance to the opposite of tit for tat, one for the attack, one for the guard.


The attacker can capture all networked electronic terminals, such as in a place where there is no one, they are the production of black chain in the siege, earning million; establish a network security defense framework, against black production, if not their guard, network will become the dark grounds, is the production of black wanton fishing.


Money and interests as the watershed, the two side of human nature division was quite distinct from each other.


The rise of white hat hackers


“You’re wrong.” Cai Jingjing is an expert to interrupt speech.


The roundtable all focused on Cai Jingjing’s body. He flushed, speechless, and seated.


This is a “anti virus meeting 2001”. At that time, Nimda (Nimda) worm silue, a large number of computer network fault. Cai Jingjing was 19 years old, just enter the professional network security company “Venus” soon, with technical experts attended.


He said, in fact, Microsoft in the 7 months before the incident has released the official patch, as long as the patch holes will not cause such a big impact, “that network administrators are not responsible, the event is the main cause of human factors”.


Unsophisticated Cai Jingjing doesn’t know, there are many webmaster site. In their eyes, the 19 year old boy is obviously not in the open challenge is what.


An expert relentlessly interrupted his speech. Experts say, the system should automatically update the main event, due to the security plan is not perfect.


Cai Jingjing was also not aware of, it will affect his life. The “Butterfly Effect” wings is already open, in a sense, but also changed the network security personnel Chinese culture history.


Before 2015, we could not find any reports about “Cai Jingjing”. Often someone by his female name to cheat, but he looks gentle, wearing glasses, 80 is a handsome guy.


The outside world is not heard, but in hacker circles, “Cai Jingjing” is a not open around the name in any case. You will find that almost all hackers and he somewhat contact.


An era of a symbol. China real sense hacker should be traced back to the 1997 Shanghai hacker Gong Yu (Goodwell) established the first Chinese hacker site “green corps”. At this time, technology enthusiasts scattered folk groups began to build – Cai Jingjing was one of them.


In 2001, South China Sea South China Sea impact machine event occurred, the United States took the lead on Chinese website attacks. China folk hackers spontaneously started hacking counterattack, “Green Corps” are also involved.


In the process of fighting, Cai Jingjing and a few friends set up the name “0x557” hacker organization. Now, the team has many top hackers, these people almost build Internet security framework China.


The folk force hacker contend, ultimately no winner. The United States led to a lot of Chinese website hackers paralyzed, China hackers also captured the White House website. But this “battle”, let China hacker practical experience of Sino US technology gap, after all, the general operating system protocol, programming language is English, even the Internet is created in the United states. This gap makes a lot of China hackers to sink the heart to study technology college.


Cai Jingjing remember, when the mainstream media said, calling on all domestic Internet users use computer to Ping a website, “really ignorant and ridiculous”.


Hackers after the end of the war, Cai Jingjing began the research of vulnerability. He found that Microsoft’s IE browser has a vulnerability that can lead to the user being injected Trojan while viewing pictures.


Cai Jingjing will submit vulnerabilities to Microsoft, the other e-mail reply said, “this is a bug program, but not a security problem caused by vulnerabilities,” young Cai Jingjing quit, he announced the details of the vulnerability, a hacker forum, “buddies are wespecial”.


Microsoft finally pay attention to the seriousness of the problem, they take the initiative to find Cai Jingjing, hope he can join the Microsoft security department. At that time, Cai Jingjing was only 19 years old.


A network security company “Chinese earliest venustech” also found that Cai Jingjing won the forte, invited him to join. “You can protect the network security of our country, Sino US hacker wars in the Cai Jingjing affair, chose” venus”.

Like Cai Jingjing, there was a lot of technically superior child was found security company. They got the opportunity to grow in a professional and healthy environment. Now, they have grown into the pillar of Chinese network security.


Cai Jingjing quickly emerged. Once, the former Ministry of information site has been compromised, the government let the “Venus” sent to fire safety experts”. The night, Cai Jingjing was sent to the door in the past, but was stopped by security. Wearing a T-shirt, his slippers child how likely is the expert? Although young, but every time he used super strength to prove himself, soon become the core strength of the company.


Cai Jingjing stayed in the “Venus” in 14 years, had been in charge of the hacker team. He insisted that the “human factor” is the main cause of security incidents, essential personnel training. Cai Jingjing will be part of the elite 0X557 “pull” Venus “, and cultivate hundreds of top security personnel.


The network security defense hackers, known as “white hat hacker”. “Venus” has become a white hat hacker of the Whampoa military academy.


In a sense, Cai Jingjing is the godfather of white hat hackers.


The production of black crazy growth


As a martial arts movie scene, white hat hackers in the network security on the stage of history, has been the white snow, wind knight image ang cloak. Play, is the black hat hackers: a group of skilled and mysterious masked man.


The rise of black hat hackers than white hat hackers later than late. In 2000 the group of hackers are security enthusiasts XiaGu tender feelings, they stick to the beginning of the heart, be neither humble nor pushy. After 2000 by hackers, black production (hacking black chain) infection more.


Slippers, T-shirt, dark and thin, careless about dressing…… If sitting in front of “entrepreneurs” reporters after this 85 children, is the top hackers China, nobody will believe it.


We call him K. He had been lurking in the dark corner of the black production network, is a pioneer in the production of black chain in the upstream of take cities and seize territory. His story sounds like Arabian Nights, but can see profits from him crazy black production.


Like other 80 children, K is the first batch of Internet users Chinese. He taught himself and was apprenticed around, the beginning also stolen stolen QQ, a computer monitoring love girl, to meet.


K genius soon completed light. Hackers will join some organizations, talk about technology, alliance, and K is no exception. Because of some personal organization will be responsible for K played out, and the “black” he posted everywhere. Only six months to learn K technology forum to find loopholes, directly take over the administrator privileges, to revenge attacks, the post all locked, yellow a forum.


The pleasure of revenge, let him taste the sweetness of technology.


K only junior high school education, it is difficult to find a good job in real life. With the growth of technological capability, he began to have the opportunity to dabble in Chinese black production. “DDoS for” is his first “toy”. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service, distributed denial of service) is a kind of network attack means, take up a lot of cyber source through a large number of legitimate requests, in order to achieve the purpose of network paralysis.


The image of a metaphor is that you open a small noodle shop, hackers sent hundreds of people into the store, do not consume tyrants wherever he goes, the customer can not lead to other crowded entering the store.


“Want to open? Every month give me protection fee of one hundred thousand 100 thousand.” The K ransomware is targeting the website, by collecting protection fees million monthly revenue. But he soon tired of playing, because of extremely low DDoS content, “the top equipment is a waste of my body.”


The Internet fast iteration. New stuff, after 2009, the rise of electronic virtual currency bitcoin. Computer software can be installed on mining, through a series of steps specific algorithm, can produce “bitcoin in a certain risk”. There is a powerful performance of the computer as bitcoin mining machine sales, but the price is not cheap.


“The big thing in the world is the world of the server can be used. K, “black into some foreign large enterprises have tens of thousands of servers, secretly run bitcoin mining software in the background.


K sat in the remote dark hut, millions of servers rumble and start operation. He nibbled in front of the computer to Hamburg drinking coke, look at the mining Army invincible, bitcoin a tinkling fall into his purse. In the bitcoin market in the best period, he can earn millions.


In addition to bitcoin, K occasionally steal game account. In theory, K can almost break all sites, just how much time and energy problems. If the attack is too lose energy, he will find.


Once, he made a doctored resume, issued a security defense game company HR, pretending to apply. The other one point in, backdoor programs start automatically. K successfully invaded the game company’s intranet, looted the game account, this single business let him earn tens of millions.


China underground black production has formed a dark empire is very clear division of profits. Most of the online hacker attacks are difficult to trace, some attack tools and code are stored in the computer hard disk encryption, once the restart, the hard disk permanent lock, it is difficult to obtain evidence. Even if the public security personnel reached the hacker Laochao, caught a current, hackers power a pull, then no direct evidence.


Most hackers are online transactions caught. The black circle produced a popular saying called “life earned, dead flowers”, high risk, high income, cash is the most profitable trades.


Most hackers are team action, each in his element. K like this Avalokitesvara hackers is not common. According to K, the top hackers monthly income can reach tens of millions of dollars in dollars. They never appeared in the media, for their own protection is extremely tight, a lot of people earn enough money, then disappeared.


No smoke in the battlefield


There is a special map of the world. There are many bright spots above as one falls, another rises. Between point and point, a series of intersecting lines.


This is the “KnownSec, network defense and space real-time tracking system. Here, God can use real-time perspective to overlooking the world of hacking attack and defense wars. Any line is an attack. Any one point, is a target. This large network, is the ultimate battlefield network world without smoke.


“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those evil people, but because they are completely indifferent people.” These words from Einstein, Zhao Wei’s life creed.


Zhao Wei, “KnownSec” CEO member Cai Jingjing created “0X557”, Cai Jingjing’s longtime friend.


Zhao Wei was in the white hat hacker genius. His argument is very advanced. He agreed that the real world and the Internet world nature: all the input information, output information. A person is in the knowledge acquisition, input information. A person is in the form of value creation theory, output information. Therefore, he put the Internet world and the real world as equally important. He understood the network world more deeply, feel the world more dangerous, he can not be completely indifferent.


In game arena, both offensive and defensive, each “look not on”.


“Black production that help, not a hacker. They are the robbers. Do you have a knife, robbed barehanded people, and so on.” Zhao Wei moral cleanliness. Is the production of black background, even if the top talent days, he will not accept into your team.


“They stop me?” He even felt that sniff at K, but the white hat hacker is to give his top hat as.


Just before the start of each other on both sides put relentless, and then see the battlefield “”.


In fact, hacking attack level is much higher than the level of defense. Like the black and white sub chess game, the first to seize the main points of people, will have the upper hand advantage. In addition, the production of black profits driven interests, their ability to integrate resources far beyond the defense.


Different from the general white hat hacker is that Zhao Wei is not a simple defense, but trying to change the rules of the internet. “There are no rules, world gravitation, thermodynamics, relativity and so on, our world is now, because of these rules.” Zhao Wei think, only the formation of the new safety rules, in order to fundamentally reverse the situation and the situation.


In September 2012, the “KnownSec” joint Tencent, Baidu, Kingsoft co founded the security alliance”. Zhao Wei tried to participate in the integration of network security industry chain, to jointly fight against black production.


This alliance of cows, using “know Chuangyu security product development, can lock the hacker attacks, to obtain the location, and for a period of time to observe network behavior. Once a “hacker” label, all website security alliance will reject the visit. In addition, some fraud, phishing, hacking and other risks of the site will be Baidu search behind the labeled “risk alert” mark.


The production of black cake, Zhao Wei was reduced to fragments. Some hackers come to beg for mercy, request clearance; some hackers in the forum in 2 million threatened to kill him, human flesh search by hacker technology, his privacy information disclosed. Zhao Wei’s mobile phone every day received a large number of threats and threatening phone calls, he had to replace the mobile phone, “I feel from the world to a deep malicious, malicious is ready to take your life.” He invited a new assistant, is a taekwondo black belt, bodyguard duties.


But the most let Zhao Wei feel threatened is the Snowden incident. After the incident, the exposure of the prism plan shows that the U.S. government has from email, news, video, pictures, data storage, and voice chat and other all-round monitoring of people.


That is to say, the United States has entered the “God mode”, data mining and information collection, so the Internet world has no dead. It also shows that, with the advent of big data and cloud computing ability, let hackers party has unlimited upgrade.


Zhao Wei uses a metaphor, the Internet world is like an ocean fishery, before Spearfishing and now upgraded to a giant fishing boat. “Tens of thousands of fish fall into the net, they may choose only one of the most beautiful, the most precious one, another let go, so capricious.”


On the right to speak on this problem, I’m afraid Chinese top white hat hacker team Keen. In the international security competition, they had 30 seconds to find the apple mobile phone system vulnerabilities and sensation in the world.


The Keen team on the surface is to attack a party is to find loopholes timely repair, the attack is in order to defense. The Keen team is on the international top bug hunter.


The Keen team founder Wang Qi (nicknamed “big bullfrog”) said that the era of big data, we can see the obvious attacks (such as fraudulent bank cards) will no longer be the mainstream, the mainstream is a covert attack.


“The era of big data, the data is money.” Wang Qi said. Hackers can steal data from the Internet, “underground social library is a result of the development of.


Library workers running underground


Social library, Internet legend buried treasures. Hackers steal user data composed of a coalition of interests, the various channels to obtain data were collected and analyzed. The name, identity card, bank card password, only the most basic information, the database can even under the underground to fine credit, physical examination, medical history, personal hobby etc.. These data can be a complete outline sketch portrait of stolen user.


The Internet user data leakage has never corpuscles, Jingdong user passwords leaked 12306 train ticket website user data everywhere, the exposure of the underground workers library data is just the tip of the iceberg.


As long as the search for “social library, you can find some of the query data leak site. “Entrepreneurs” reporters will own mailbox and username, password found already leaked. At the same time, a few friends email input, can also find out the password.


The Internet user information has been swept into what, the phrase “ten tomb nine empty”, is already visible in a disastrous state.


In recent years, the rise of the Internet financial Chinese, P2P financial to add one or two blossom everywhere, every day of the rapid pace of development. In the eyes of K, these companies are: fat rich, entrepreneurial companies, security of no attention. He entered these sites, than in the garden is also easy.


Sweep a benefited in every way. K to enter the Internet financial platform in the background, will have the value of information stolen, jargon is called off the library”.


How to find the valuable information from the multitude of data, K has an extraordinary talent. His experience too many rich, for too many security personnel fought with him, what routines and tactics, he fully understand. He could guess their next move, can even guess the administrator password.


He had invaded an internet financial company, in the background data of several G in a minute, accurately find the secret folder backup system.


“I guess the administrator may set up the folder name.” Is such a terrible intuition.


K sell user data to blackmail institutions, they took the data to the threat to the Internet financial company. “Once the data released, the company will be discredited, or even facing bankruptcy. Therefore, the general companies are willing to pay to avoid.”


The data stolen by another form of cooperation is customized service. The core data and user data of some enterprises want to buy competitors or partners, will allow hackers to steal data.


“About the black postpartum, you will feel that business is unfair. If you want to buy rival core data, as long as to find reliable people, 20 thousand yuan will be able to fix.” K said.


The data of precipitation, is the formation of social library. Like K have large amounts of data to hackers, hackers will be with some similar cooperation, will be on hand for data aggregation, accumulate, the greater the value.


If the Internet has entered the era of big data, so the library workers is the underground illegal data. Now finishing Social Library hacker Gang, in the precipitation data. The detailed has reached a terrible degree, can use these data to complete simulation of a person. The main purpose of social library data is a senior financial fraud.


The future potential? Big data have great potential, there is much social library.


Fortunately, the world like Zhao Wei “and many people. They tried to build a castle security core data, finally hold network position.


CEO Zhang Fu Ivy cloud security, hacker 80. He is in college shows amazing hacker talent, after graduation to enter the grand, Kunlun World Wide Web and other enterprises at the helm of technology and business security services. He is one of the few, open up the two fields of network business development and safety system of hackers.


In 2014, Zhang Fu gave up millions of millions of shares and the cash, and with the formation of the legendary hacker Feng Ning Ivy cloud security company. They are developing a SaaS model of cloud security products. This product’s charm lies in the fact that, according to the needs of different enterprises, adaptive security system construction.


In a sense, Ivy cloud security products are also trying to reverse the disparity between the attack and defense. The traditional Internet Co is attacked, even if the final solution, this experience will not transmit to other companies under a so-called “domestic shame should not be published, its closure is an important cause of the defense of slow growth. But if the 100 companies with ivy cloud security products, as long as one of the enterprises in the attack, other home will not suffer the same threat, “the attacker mass attack, we are mass defense.”


Safety product upgrading, strengthening and improving the wall barrier is a kind of war plan. Cai Jingjing also offered a solution, he sent more troops.


In November 2014, the Ministry of Electronic Science and technology information industry proposed, at present our country Chinese network security talent gap millions. Stop by the end of 2014, China’s Chinese more than 2500 universities opened the “professional” information security is only 103, in fact, Dr. Master point of less than 40, the annual training of university information security professional training personnel to ten thousand 10 thousand people.


早在2012年,蔡晶晶就意识到了这一点,他离开“启明星辰”自己创业,试图将“启明星辰”积累的人才培养经验推广到更多企业,。 他的公司推出了“e春秋”系统,专门用于企业内部的人才培养。 今年6月份,他又推出了“i春秋”系统,用于培养民间安全人才。 “I spring” not only for teaching video recording industry Daniel, also provides online combat and tournament platform.


If the time back to 19 years old, Cai Jingjing once again face the expert, he said: “we all speak of. Security products, need more humanized design, security personnel are equally important.”


“Who am I?”


K has recently focused on the “business”, is captured in foreign consumer sites, access to credit card data. Foreign credit card without a password. He will sell fraudulent black hand Gang, earning million.


He day and night to work overtime. The previous day only “work” 4 hours of regular life completely broken.


He must do it for. K said, his longtime girlfriend recently found a terminally ill. The treatment cost is an astronomical figure, he will help her to save money.


On the Internet, for K. In reality, he is incapable of action time, only to seize the last straw. He said he said cruel or naive or he is to use the looting of the way of the world, to achieve his purpose to achieve their goals. God gave him the key, he turned it into gold bars. K have no faith, faith alone, is money. When the money is not omnipotent, he did not know what to believe.


K sometimes confused, not from the moral judgment, but the value of self torture. “Who am I? No doubt I was selfish, I exhausted life, it is in order to steal illegal income. I may be a virus, a bug.”


K said that the girl was ill, in this life to earn money to spend, “he retired to buy a seaside villa abroad, with her face the sea, with spring.”


“Will you conscience?” Such a question would laugh at you, K. And he was not quiet. K has been using the BlackBerry BlackBerry mobile phone, is said to have the most secure systems in the world, no one can steal the information. BlackBerry K never network, only used to call and send text messages. He and the network is completely isolated, hiding in a dark corner, so live. He is terrified, because he did not find “who is my answer.


As for Zhao Wei, he was aware of who he is, he is also well versed in their mission, but also to avoid knocking and actual grinding.


The biggest problem is money. Money is tight, the early start, Zhao Wei ate a month Steamed Buns. He found that a minimum monthly consumption is 3000 yuan, of which 2000 yuan rent, 1000 yuan per month living expenses, he would only give yourself 3000 yuan of salary. The company every year to have experienced several times of the imminent collapse of the dilemma, Zhao Wei had to ask to borrow money from friends. Later the friend borrow afraid, he went to borrow usury. Borrowed one million 1 million cash on the table in the office built a hill. Suddenly the hill is empty, become the wages of the employees.


The company since its establishment, the development of security products at least dozens of, can be accepted by the market to survive several products. “Our security products design are too advanced, many enterprises do not understand.” Zhao Wei said that he can do, is to persuade repeatedly.


“The security people were really hard, we are a security role.” Zhang Fu said that at present the biggest obstacle hindering the development of Chinese network security, security awareness is not high, “entrepreneurial enterprises the first step is to survive, the security demand is not the main.”


Zhang Fu through market research found that the establishment of security system of a company, to invest at least 1 million dollars a year. One or two security personnel, some necessary safety products, this is only the minimum configuration. Entrepreneurial enterprises basically naked state, enterprise managers are often reluctant to pay security spending, but take chances. But once compromised, its influence is fatal, even facing bankruptcy.


“No pain of cutting one’s body it is difficult to realize, the importance of safety, but the real time to realize, it is already too late.” Zhang Fu said.


Zhao Wei’s team had found security vulnerabilities by scanning a lot of enterprises, they call to remind the business, the other mostly behaved indifferent attitude, grumpy point, began to abuse.


The market swallowed Zhao Wei’s ideal in a little bit, but Cai Jingjing is more optimistic.

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